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Supernatural physics of health, life, and love

Harmony of organisms, what follows from it? This is answers for those who accept only scientific truths, but are looking for the sources of all truths

Here a physical solution to some of the mysteries of life is presented. This is based on the principle of ultimate harmony in living organisms. Mysterious forces of health restoration are analyzed, and simple everyday principles are explained: how to promote these forces. It is explained – what the stabilizing effect of the biofield and biorhythms is manifested in, what are the functions of iron contained in the blood of animals and humans. The bioenergy is considered which manifested in emotions and actions, in the effects of collectivity, in the survival of species, in the integrity of the Earth’s biosphere and in its cataclysms. Some biblical truths are interpreted on this basis.


  1. Development limit
  2. Harmony of organisms and its features
  3. Forces of harmony: movement “against the stream”
  4. About tissue restoration at physical activity of body
  5. On purifying of body tissues
  6. Physics of thermal oscillations in tissues
  7. Biofield and its nature
  8. Biorhythms and states of the human organism
  9. Physics and music
  10. Iron again!
  11. Embodiment of biofields
  12. Magnetic recording and personality formation
  13. Biofield contacts. Inheritance of skills. Family harmony and development of the child
  14. On the resonance of biofields. Effect of love, consent, etc.
  15. On the survival of species
  16. About sacrifices
  17. System of biofields
  18. Excursion to the Flood
  19. On vital energy
  20. “…In the image and likeness…”
  21. Paying for Spiritual Powers
  22. On the other side…
  23. What else does the New Testament preach?


1. Development limit

“Everything flows, everything changes”… – It’s hard to dispute with that. But does this apply to organisms of animals and humans? – No growing up and aging, but the fundamental structure of organisms, their complex biological state is meant. Let’s judge up for ourselves. Any development, if it is so long that its dynamics cannot be noticed, can nevertheless appear as if in a “freeze frame”. For example, a photo of a running man shows that the man being moved, although his image is, of course, motionless.

By the difference in temperatures in different parts of a room, one can judge the movement of heat to a cold area. In differences between models of cars or aircraft – within the same production – development of automotive technology and aircraft construction is manifested.

Should humans were developed on global scale, among different people and nations this would be manifested in significant and obvious differences in internal state of the organisms and even in the external forms. However, existing knowledge and notions disprove this. So, the normal body temperature in all people is constant within a tenth of a degree, regardless of racial differences. Within near three percent differ, for example, results of races of Olympic athletes-runners, long-jumpers and high-jumpers, etc. The best electrocardiograms are identical for people of all nationalities.

All this suggests that the human body does not develop. Of course, it does in a fundamental sense, general way, and not in individual and age characteristics. In other words, persons have “nowhere” to develop. Their organisms are a limit of development, of perfection of all organs, of their functions and systemic interconnection. Indeed, they themselves are “crown of creation”. Believers consider this to be the result of the Creation, an offspring of the exclusive omnipotence of God.

But many educated people consider such a “creation” to be the result of natural evolution. Supposing this is so. We invite you – lovers of logic and scientific truths – to figure it out. However, we note in advance that evolution itself still appears not a scientific concept, but only a hypothesis – however, just like making does. But we will try to gradually dispel the fog of all illusions, doubts and disbelief. We especially invite those who do not believe in the forces of their own health and will – as well as in other guarding forces.

2. Harmony of organisms and its features

Formally, perfection of complex working systems is expressed not only in the efficiency of their parts, but also in their ideal compatibility, coherence, consistency, what all completely aimed at such perfection. This is what is called “harmony”: nothing missing, nothing superfluous, nothing harmful – everything is in its place and with its functions, everything is ideally interconnected.  This primarily applies to all living things, whether it is the limit of evolution or the result of the Creation. 

The most expressive example of the harmony of beings’ organisms is their nervous system. We can say directly that this system is the organizing link of harmony. Each of its subsystems performs separate functions expressed in sensitivity, reaction, physical activity, physical and biochemical self-organization. This is linked into a single and self-sufficient whole and is expressed in a mutually coordinated reaction of internal organs – and the body as a whole – in the tasks of self-preservation, life activity and behavior.

Harmony of living beings as high-complexity systems is associated with another, exceptional practical property: many of constituent elements of the systems can perform more than one function. For example, the human digestive organs, in addition to the main functions, play an additional, but important role. So, the liver performs hematopoietic functions, regulates blood circulation and the content of vitamins and microelements, participates in the synthesis and transport of energetic elements, protects the digestion process from the effects of toxins, etc. The kidneys, providing the chemical (ionic and acid-base) balance of internal environment of the body, participate also in the synthesis of many hormones, etc. The adrenal glands produce adrenaline and its components – hormonal substances which are responsible for the actions of the nervous system in acute situations. The pancreas, in addition to direct digestive functions, also plays a certain endocrine role, especially in the production of insulin. Insulin, in turn, has a multifaceted effect on metabolism – in almost all tissues – reduces concentration of glucose in the blood and promotes production of glycogen.

 It is difficult to consider all this as the result of evolution. But, one way or another, let’s accept the above as a true, – and even more…

So, the supreme harmony has one more feature in biology: according to the principle of “nothing superfluous”, inevitably and in full measure, it must accept application of any exceptional physical, chemical,  and other properties of tissues and each of their particles. So, sharp needles of cacti are able to condense and absorb small drops of moisture even in the driest weather. And lightness of plant roots promotes the flow of moisture into them from the soil, which is actually denser. One of the unique properties of iron – its propensity to corrosion – is associated with moderate – not large, but not small oxidizability, and this function is important for efficient transport of oxygen by the blood. In the walls of lungs of humans and animals, permeability to air and impermeability to water are harmoniously combined. This is necessary to prevent the flow of blood plasma into the lung tissue cavity. However, this turns out to be a kind of exception – the reason that air moisture condensed can be removed from the lungs only by coughing. There is a special reason for this, which we will touch upon later.

So, if there is any exceptional, unusual physical property of tissue or their particles, and its specific significance is unknown, then this still plays an important role in the body. Such a feature of the ultimate harmony will be for us the initial fundamental principle (postulate). We will use it more than once in disclosure or in physical explanation of “supernatural” manifestations of harmony, incomprehensible to us and unknown even to official science. This will be tantamount to analyzing of a complicated electronic network – what are functions of its parts, where the conductive connections lead from and to.

3. Forces of harmony: movement “against the stream”

The supreme harmony of organisms is associated with at least three formal circumstances:

first, it is supernaturally inherited by newborns;

secondly, as already implied, evolution of such harmony is inconceivable to official science. This evolution is extraordinary, like harmony itself, if we take into account that in the external environment of living beings, everything devoid of attention, left to chance, degrades – even creations of mind – and any ideas on evolution processes cannot be reasonable even more so. In this regard, harmony would be seems as if a kind of random island surrounded by chaos;

thirdly, more specifically, there are somehow vital forces that maintain the harmony of organisms, preventing their destruction.

Whereas the first two circumstances are the subject of philosophical discussions, endless disputes about riddles of the universe, then the third moment is much closer to our basic interests and directly relates to the tasks of our health and longevity – if such forces really exist. …Or maybe this is still a play of imagination – is that true?

It looks like no. Indeed, if we close our eyes to small differences, then, for example, human organisms can be considered identical, and this, from physical principles, is a sign of their high stability and the action of powerful restorative forces in cases of any deviations.

However, beyond this… – In acute situations, such forces show immodesty in excess of elementary “norms of behavior”, violating physical concepts, the natural principle “everything flows, everything changes (under its own power)”. So, the body in the process of heightened physical activity, as a rule, does not wear out, like tools and machine parts, and not just being restored, but strengthens. For example, whereas instruments being gradually destroyed by shock loads or rubbing, bones are strengthened and calluses are formed with moderate shock loads on parts of the body with musculoskeletal tissue (for example, during a training of special-forces fighters). In addition, muscles in the process of systematic training do not lose strength, but gradually strengthen. And we know many other obvious examples of action of recurrent forces, extraordinarily restoring harmony of organisms in extraordinary situations. In other words: whereas various objects tend to collapse, organisms tend to train, adapt. This is the manifestation of their mysterious guarding powers, be it the legacy of development, the Creation or direct manifestation of God’s will.

However, our task is not to mystify what our hapless consciousness is simply accustomed to in powerlessness to fully understand it. Our task is the opposite: to see the natural essence in supernatural, but vital phenomena and concepts, in particular, to reveal the hidden mechanisms and origins of health and adaptation of organisms, for which official science has not found satisfactory explanations. For it is so predetermined that internal forces and physical factors are largely involved in the stability and restoration of the healthy state of organisms.

Our task is to understand more deeply the capabilities of our body, to rely more trustingly on explicit and mysterious life forces, to turn to the search and improvement of ways to assist these forces in tasks of strengthening physical and spiritual health, immunity, – to cultivate in us a critical and calm attitude to all ailments, the phenomenon of old age and to death as such.  

As a whole, we will try to reveal the fundamental sources of organisms’ stability and some spiritual principles – or, at least, to get closer to this by our understanding. Fundamental is that which, in every way, unconditionally and everywhere manifests itself in the vast field of natural science. Physical laws, principles, effects fully meet the criteria of fundamentality. Many of them not only underlie the fields of natural science, including chemistry and biochemistry, but are projected even on all aspects of life.

For example, there is some fundamental law: the same states mutually repel – different states attract. This applies to electric charges with same or different signs, electrons with different states in atoms, conflicts and symbiosis in biosphere, people or animals with their sex differences, competition of the same professions or cooperation of different ones – and much more. And most importantly: here, again, is an apparition of a harmony principle – the variety of states and functions.

So, we have two fundamental instruments of cognition: principles of both ultimate harmony and physics. Herewith, let us also not ignore experience of the present and past, customary everyday, concepts from the foundations of exotic teachings, experience of ancient traditions and “old wives’” methods. Let us also not neglect biblical concepts and facts, but watch – how our conclusions agree with them.

4. About tissue restoration at physical activity of body

Biochemical nature of restoration processes.

As you know, metal objects being better polished if the sandpaper is moistened with water. There are, for example, special grinding machines on which sandpaper is washed with water. If, at the same time, you follow the grinding process, you would notice that water drops remain on the rubbing places of the metal polished – and only on them. The metal is wetted in places of friction, in other words, in places of broken chemical bonds, which, as a result, capture water molecules.

Obviously, a similar effect accompanies the activity of the body under conditions of inevitable tissue wear. The sites of bond breakdowns become chemically active, and, through the blood or lymph, the necessary nutrients arrive there – these are protein products, cholesterol, fiber, calcium, etc. This is the most elementary principle of tissue restoration. Stability here is maintained, first of all, by the hormonal system of organisms, which has a regulatory effect on metabolism.

Such a restoration process – biochemical one – acts in a rest state of the body – and is significantly accelerated in the process of movement with relatively moderate loads. In this case, the usual physical dynamics comes to the aid to biochemistry – this is the mobility of nutrients and hormones in liquid media that permeate the body, the mobility of the liquid media themselves. This is similar to how chemical and physical processes in different environments are accelerated with stirring or increasing temperature.

Electrophysical nature of restoration processes.

One more mysterious physical effect should be added to the biochemical factor of stability of organisms. – You’ve know about piezoelectric lighters: when you sharply hit a quartz plate, a spark arises that ignites the gas. – This is due to the fact that when pressure is applied to such a plate, charge separation occurs in it, and with a strong impact, this effect is significantly enhanced, and the charge is released as a spark. So, for example, sparks are struck when flint strikes flint.

Mechanical separation of charges can occur when pressure is applied to non-metallic materials with a reduced symmetry of the crystal lattice. This is the quartz used in lighters, and also are many rocks and minerals.

This property would be especially characteristic for many organic substances with a layered or fibrous structure (texture): their deformed or stressed state – for example, during bending – leads to separation of charges. Soviet scientists had identified such an effect on the bones of an animal – if to bend a tibia, then charges with opposite signs would appear on the stressed surfaces.

As well, it is quite reasonable that this effect works in plants. So, if the trunk of a plant slopes in its growth, then ionic radicals arrive in the charged area of compression, and this ultimately straightens the plant.

The organic liquid that penetrates living tissue can chemically weaken this effect almost completely – just like in a damp lighter. However, by doing so, this liquid (and the tissue) is actually activated, accelerating metabolism at the final stage of restoration of tissues and their functions – in process of movement.

The mystery of this effect in organisms is more aggravated by the fact that the autonomic nervous system actively cooperates in tissue restoration. However, mechanical stimulation of its receptors with the segregation of a charge on them may be seen as a special case of that effect.

The reality of this effect can be recognized in the examples of the formation of calluses and strengthening of bone tissue through systematic mechanical action on those places, especially, where receptors and blood vessels are few.

This mechanism works most effectively during movement, covering large areas of tissues, especially muscle tissue. It is the muscle, unlike almost all other organs, that is capable of quick changing its shape. And it is the muscle that is able to significantly increase its own mass, and the effect of charge separation should take participation in this.

Physicians and biologists can argue with all of this. However, this effect does not fundamentally change anything in the existing concepts – it just imperceptibly takes on a part of the restorative functions. It remains essential that this effect,whether it’s either charge separation or simply tissue activation, can serve – and according to the principle of ultimate harmony, one way or another must serve perfection of organisms, and further it will once again manifest its essence for us.

Separation of charges in the process of conscious activity.

Separations of charges in the body arise not only with changes in the shape of tissues and their parts, but also in the process of activity of the central and so-called sympathetic nervous system – with the formation of high electrical potentials.

In one of the ancient Chinese physical cultures, an unusual method of increasing muscle strength was practiced – reception of motionless efforts. For example, a person presses on an object with his hands for several minutes or with moderate efforts tries to lift a heavy weight. Herewith, in the muscles, charges are distributed and tensions are created, but there is no movement. This technique led to high results – to strengthening muscle tissue and strength joints with minimal wear and energy costs for restoration.

The distribution of charges can be set on command from the brain, and, through the spinal column, can be created in the body – and at the same time it can be chemically or electro-physically fixed for a certain moment. Oddly enough, but this is actually nothing more than “potential of intentions” to action. – Whether doesn’t it sound amazing: there coexisting physical and worldly aspects?.. One of the examples of such an effect, which is even “cooler” than attempts to lift a weight, is the action on an imaginary object with imaginary efforts. In the culture of health of the ancient East, this was associated with the concept of «image of action», and similar techniques are practiced in martial arts – filling an athlete with the spiritual readiness to break by the hand a plank or to crash a brick.

The same is the usual practice of athletes – to gather willpower to overcome a difficult barrier, repeating its overcoming by creating an image of action in muscle, in fleshly memory. This is most characteristic of a person with a combination of emotionality, which stimulates muscle memory, and composure as the ability to focus on this. Maybe God’s Spirit is helping all this, is that true?

There are situations when such images are created, but the aim is not achieved. For example, there is no sense in performing the action if a condition or aim is lost. There is no need, for example, for an Olympic athlete to jump if the supervisor suddenly ordered to wait out the downpour. – In situations of this kind, a person sometimes scratches the back of his head or splashes out excess emotions – due to the fact that an unclaimed charge, the potential of unfulfilled intentions, accumulates in the cerebellum. This is how the feeling of frustration manifests itself.

Images of actions can go beyond physical activity. In the practice of yogis, there is a method of self-healing. This is concentration of attention on a diseased organ in a state of complete relaxation, with regulated breathing – a concentrated imagination of how the circulating blood flushes out impurity from the organ, in which the disease is supposedly completely concentrated – it is something like meditation or even prayer.

We, ordinary people, also have such abilities hidden. An example from the opposite: imagine that you somehow miraculously escaped a painful injury – this had probably happened to you. And at the same time you thought: what would have happened if that had not happened? – Whether didn’t you pay attention to how a chill, dumbness and formicating appeared for this moment in the place of the not-came injury, whether it was your arm or leg? – Apparently, this is a reflex of your psyche and the subsequent reaction of the autonomic nervous system to the injury itself, be it really, – a reflex vasospasm, blood arrest, at least for a moment.

Many of us are not sufficiently aware that we have inclinations of such abilities. If we knew this, they could be concentrated in a positive direction. One of these abilities is nothing more than belief in healing, accompanied by its electro-physical embodiment. For example, teeth often stop worrying in front of a dentist’s office – don’t they? – You suppressed your anxiety with belief and even confidence in the imminent inevitability of healing, and, besides, tired of the torment, passed into a calm, relaxed state. This is another example of the fact that peace of mind and faith are the key to success.

Other ability, of a higher level, is the will to healing. This is the ability to activate the potential of intentions, calling on all forces to create in the body a healing image of action in the form of redistribution of charges.

By the way, physical pain is of a chemical or electro-physical nature. This is the emergence of a stable charge in the site of disruption of the chemical bonds of the tissue. For example, acid is chemically active, and the pain of an acid burn is thus of a chemical nature. This also means that in any burn or even in any skin damage, the chemical nature of pain manifests itself in the form of broken chemical bonds, free charges that excite nerve endings. – The powerful image of healing, created and maintained by volitional efforts, has an affinity with such a nature and is aimed to resist pain and to heal injury as such. This is how the healing forces that you actively invoke can act.

It should also be added that in the human body – in his consciousness – an image of action can be created in a more complex form – in the form of an image of an action program. For example, if you are constantly aware of the inevitability of old age, then such a program will contribute to your aging. And vice versa: if you are constantly aware that some forces, even unknown ones, invariably promote your survival, then this will also work. This is the effect of your faith – and the forces in which you believe. What directing these forces, isn’t God?..

5. On purifying of body tissues

You can consider this chapter as a practical appendix that explains the need to be in really activity to prevent pathological disorders. If this is already clear and practically real for you, you can move up on to the next chapter without losing the thread.

On depositions of metabolic end products in organisms.

Whatever forces of harmony, stability of organisms, whatever their systemic and physical nature, one thing is clear: there are all kinds of “frictional forces” – obstacles to restoration, elimination of disorders in tissues, the cause of all kinds of ailments and diseases. These are forces that the body is not able to reflexively and quickly cope with, and volitional intervention is required.

A significant number of diseases are ultimately related to metabolic disorders. On the one hand, quality of metabolism can be characterized by degree of abundance, variety and quality of food consumed, on the other one, by efficiency of assimilation of nutrients and removal of metabolic end products. Herewith, variety, quality and benefits of food products are just a gastronomic and worldly topic, and the question of effectiveness of assimilation them is more related to dietetics and pharmacology.

Thus, the most significant problem is removal of metabolic end products and of nutritional excess, including an unsatisfactory quality of food and of its digestibility. Because, a latent threat to any body is mainly caused by depositions in all tissues of the end products of metabolism, of insufficiently processed nutrient surplus, of harmful and toxic substances, which all disrupts functions of organs and their systemic nature.

Deposition of carbohydrates and fats is initiated by excessive consumption them. Herewith, consumption of carbohydrates inhibits releasing of residual fats from bodies. In such conditions, effectiveness of a hormone system produced by the liver may be insufficient. Ultimately, this affects, first of all, the functions of cardiovascular systems.

Excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates is fraught with impaired cholesterol metabolism. The increased content of “bad” (fragile) cholesterol is due to insufficient efficiency of functions of liver, kidneys, pancreas and is fraught with a threat, again, to the cardiovascular system.

In conditions of excessive consumption of protein foods, alcohol and beer – and, herewith, at inadequate kidney function – the uric acid salts of sodium and potassium are deposited in the kidneys and joints with well-known consequences for many people.  

Calcium salts can be deposited in soft tissues – in skin tissue and muscles, in the aorta, arteries and other vessels – in conditions of impaired mineral metabolism, lack of magnesium salts in the body, and in renal failure. In this case, increasing intake of magnesium salts is a contributing to the opposite trend.

On the role of physical activity in purifying and restoring tissues.

All kinds of depositions in the organs violate their functions and their consistency. To get rid of this, active measures are required, and the main one is physical activity.

Motor activity promotes the processes of rejuvenation of the body, stimulating molecular mobility at the end of the full cycle of metabolism, of the nutritional process – up to the stage of restoring the working functions of organs. Herewith, the process of depositions in the tissues of the end products of metabolism is suppressed and their removal is stimulated. This happens most effectively in muscle tissue – the removal of salts of calcium and of urea from it.

Water intake plays an important role in purification the tissues of organism. Its average daily intake per person is 2-2.5 liters, and even greater at increased activity and in a hot environment.

As noted above, along with molecular mobility, the effect of mechanical separation of charges is involved in the restoration of tissues. In particular, if there are small cracks in bones of the legs, then charges are also released on them under load. When walking, and especially when jumping, such cracks heal. At a stronger and sharper load, but within the limit of comfortable sensations, the effects of recovery would be stronger. This applies to the functions of all organs and tissues, up to function retention of the optic nerve.

One of the simple but powerful factors in tissue restoration, for example, in case of bruises, sprains of muscles and joint tendons, is elastic reshaping. If to work up a slice of orange or tangerine in sugar (for example, when preparing a drink) and to pour such a mixture by water, then the slice can almost completely restore its previous shape. It is just like dried grass rises after a rain. A simple mechanic works here: cells are replenished with water, and the elasticity of cell membranes works.

In humans and animals, recovery after bruises and distensions of the connective tissue is prevented by the penetration of lymph and blood – insoluble blood cells – in the places of rupture, which manifests itself in the form of swellings and livid spots. To completely avoid this, you should not get lost and would immediately set the injured area in activity with light motion. For example, in case of bruises or sprains in the ankle joint, you should immediately do the run with easiest jumping. The tissue will practically restore within 15-30 minutes (depending on age). Removal of stagnant excess fluid from the connective tissue through regular movements prevents the development of disorders in the spine, joints and blood vessels.  

Of special note is the importance of walking and gait behaviour in maintaining a healthy state. Have you watched the movement of a lizard – how its spine bends when moving? And not only lizards – something similar is characteristic of us. So, when walking, a person raises his leg – for example, the right one. To maintain balance, he should slightly lower his right shoulder. Next: he moves his right leg forward, and for balance he must slightly take his right shoulder back. As a result, the lightest gait is accompanied by bends and twists of the spine – without stiffness, unnecessary head movements, without staggering like a bear. With such ease, your energy is consumed less, the internal organs are massaged, in particular – they are the liver, kidneys and pancreas, what contributes to the processes of tissue purifying and improving the functions of secretions. This is quite effective with systematic walking and developed flexibility of the spine – and there are striking examples of this. In no case should the gait of soldiers on a parade march be your daily fashion – with the immobile spine and excessive efforts in raising the legs.

The most ordinary pace of activity is movement with light efforts, similar to a warm-up. This is walking, simple actions: making various products, adjusting and maintaining equipment, sports games, dancing in a disco, etc. Sometimes we do not realize the vital importance of such a pace, especially in old age, when the biochemical processes in body are slowed down, and depositions in the tissues are neglected – for usual, purely worldly reasons. In particular, this pace may be sufficient to restore connective tissue. Connective tissue, predestinated to withstand tensile loads, regains its strength, muscles are cleared of calcium salts and excess fat. Small vessels are also cleared of ‘bad’, fragile cholesterol, restoring elasticity, shape and blood function, – and significance of this is difficult to overestimate. You should not allow systematic lethargy, a sense of flaccidity. This is the initial sign of depositions in blood vessels and muscles.

Should the pace of the warm-up be more regular, the body would literally be younger. Because, few things have so obvious the result as it has in the positive consequences of physical activity after a long state of inactivity. Mobility and sharpness of movements increase. Being removed, slags no more burden movements and do not hinder to restoration. If a mature person can move like a teenager, then this is all right with him in that sense. Such people, as a rule, live longer, and the reason turns out to be not so much in the life motivation itself, but specifically in how it manifests itself in activity.

As for the mobility of joints – first of all, simple mechanics works here: the sliding surfaces are cleaned and polished, tendon joints get rid of stagnant excess fluid, thereby strengthening joint contacts. By and large, this is significant, especially with a sedentary lifestyle – for elderly people – since restriction of movements and violation of articular contacts stimulates the deposition of urea salts on the cartilaginous coatings. And in general, with the loss of the smoothness of the joints, gout – i.e. friction and pain in the joints – begins to develop. This is the “first call”, and in this case it is very important to realize that this is not yet the erasure of the cartilage, but only the grinding of their surfaces. You yourself will be able to see that after prolonged work of the joints, for example, after long systematic walks, the feeling of friction gradually disappears – the joint surfaces being mechanically polished, and scratches on them being covered with “glue”. This understanding will play an invaluable service to you – realization of the need for such measures in order to avoid more acute sensations of “sand” in the joints. Do not miss such moments! Otherwise you would have to try recovering them further with the additional use of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers.

Imagine yourself as an experienced and wise commander who does not panic in front of the enemy and can only retreat for a short while – in order to gather forces, regroup and rework offensive-dominated tactics, and, at last of all, with spirit and with God, triumphantly attacks the enemy, even in spite of battle injuries. The outcome of the fight depends on the fighting spirit.

Restriction of mobility, including joints, may be associated with the tendency of the conjunctive tissue, tendon joints to gradually lose the required elasticity and range of motion – this is the effect of something like “drying up” of the tendons. There is also a more serious circumstance – the loss of smoothness of the tendons. In a state of long rest, for example, in conditions of complex orthopedic alignment, tendons (as well as cartilage joints) acquire roughness and moreover, they, like plants, are capable to grow into adjacent muscle tissue, significantly limiting the range of motion.

In this regard, the warm-up behaviour may be recommended to be practiced regularly. With a sedentary lifestyle, it is proposed to simply introduce this into everyday practice – as exercises in plastic, in training for maximum swing and sharpness of movements, preferably without unnecessary excitement. In other words, if you do not have enough time or attention for the morning warm-up, it is useful to introduce a similar practice – “dancing manner” – into everyday life, whether it is the walking, working in the kitchen, in the garden, at the machine, in an armchair (you can even listen to music or humming to yourself; further you will better understand the benefits of this for the body). It is very useful to alternate between different curved positions of the body while still – for example, sitting in a chair or while sleeping. In this state, the separation of charges in the tissues being also stimulated, the vessels being cleansed, and their elasticity and circulatory functions being restored.

In general, this practice is quite simple, but, without a doubt, very effective. In conclusion, it should be noted that with advanced tissue pathology, one should carefully approach physical measures to purifying them. In obesity and hypertension, static or slow warm-up modes are preferable, at least, at the first stages – plastic training with moderate but full breathing – without shortness of breath – and with ultimate, “prayer” relaxation in extreme body stances (elements of Hatha Yoga, Qigong techniques). In the Qigong teachings, it is believed that such a technique helps to open energy channels, flows of Qi energy. In any case, this is how the vessels being cleansed, their elasticity, throughput, blood circulation efficiency, nutrition of the “charge separation” areas being restored – without significant energy losses and with a whole range of beneficial consequences. We even dare to proclaim prematurely: the biofield being restored, and energy channels being truly opened. – Some elements of such a technique can be known from the sections of therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics, oriental health-improving experience.

But even such measures should be carefully approached in cases of vascular disorders. To protect yourself from such circumstances, you would consult your doctor or pharmacologist. One way or another, at a respectable age, it is useful to carry out the prophylaxis of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis – for this, there are pharmaceutical products without serious contraindications.

In general, the “turning point” age – 35-45 years old – is the time for gradual but immediate introducing the whole complex of measures into practice. Actualize in full with an active mode and cheerful spirit the household, social and business motives of your physical activity!

6. Physics of thermal oscillations in tissues


At the last, let’s return to further disclosure of the physical secrets of health, the stability of organisms. Till now, we were not enough reach this. One of the reasons for this problem is the high systemic nature of the interconnection of organs and body functions, where the physical foundations are felt only as auxiliary elements. That coherence is a kind of alternative to the physical principles and is devoid of an explicit physical nature, fundamentality, remaining mysterious. For it is difficult to imagine that systemic complexity could be formed through gradual development…

…So, there is a reason for everything or a “relay race” of reasons – that, according to everyday logic, one do not see an end in sight for, including the root cause of the stability of organisms. – Let us imagine a ball lying in a hole. When it is deflected, a force acts that returns it to its original place. So, the existence of a return force is the reason for the stable position of the ball. But the root cause is the pit itself – its position, depth, shape.

And what creates the initial physical “form” for acts of the biological restoration forces? What is the next link in the relay of reasons?..

…In any solid bodies there exist thermal oscillations of atoms, and this is a fundamental phenomenon. Their collective process is somewhat similar to the mathematically-regular dynamics of string vibrations. Half of the wavelengths of its fundamental tone and the higher frequencies of sounding are integrally fit into the length of the sounding string. This sets a certain, most stable sound set. Any other waves instantly decay from the moment the string is excited.

Ordinary solids differ from strings in the three-dimensionality of thermal oscillations of atoms. Starting from the lowest, “sound” oscillations, halfs of the wavelengths, successively shortening, are packed integrally into the size of the body – one, two, three… – up to interatomic oscillations which take place with a limiting frequency. According to the statistical laws of physics (Debye’s theory), there is an exact dependence of the total energy of such oscillations on the set (spectrum) of their frequencies. This pattern depends on body temperature – if it rises, high-frequency oscillations become stronger.

In this sense, living organisms are no exception. In them, thermal oscillations also have certain sets of stable frequencies – spectra. Oscillations with other frequencies, as in a string, are damped. In this case, the high-frequency part of the set of oscillations is stimulated by the activity of organisms. Obviously, all this guarantees stability – this is stability of body temperature and health, whereas other frequencies would lead to a significant loss of energy.

So, the frequency of stable oscillations (their wavelength) is determined by the characteristic sizes of a tissue, for example, a cell, as well as by characteristics of combination of atoms – their mass and the elastic force of chemical bonds. In a simplified sense, in the place of the desired atom, any other would differ in the combination of mass and bond strength,  creating dissonance in the collective oscillation – and, at last of all, would be rejected. So the frequencies of stable oscillations direct the biochemical process to delivery the necessary atoms through the blood and lymph. – Such a mechanism is the next link in the factors of stability and health of organisms.

7. Biofield and its nature

Now attention! We will begin to go into esotericism!

– In the hot state of solids, high-frequency oscillations of atoms are excited emitting heat, and even light, and this is nothing more than electromagnetic radiation. But this also means that in the ordinary, cold state of bodies, there is also weak electromagnetic radiation. The reason for this is the internal electromagnetic field. It exists in non-metallic bodies and at the same time, of course, with frequencies inherent in the oscillations of atoms.

The principle of formation of an internal electromagnetic field has an elementary physical explanation. When atoms oscillate, their electronic shells are constrained, and the atoms are in elastic contact with each other – like balloons. Herewith, movement of their nuclei having an increased freedom, and nuclei are brought forward by inertia. An asymmetry of the positions of the charges arises – of the negative charge of the shell and the positive charge of the nucleus. As a result, a charge dipole is formed – a kind of “plus-minus” dumbbell. If the stronger deviation of the nucleus, i.e. the higher length of such a dumbbell – it is stronger its electric field. When the atom oscillates, the length of the dumbbell with its electric field also does. Wave mechanics of oscillations of the collectives of atoms involves these fields in its process. This is how electromagnetic oscillations with the electromagnetic waves arise.

Undoubtedly, in organic tissue, especially in living organisms, the collective oscillations of atoms also create an internal electromagnetic field. This field, of course, completely inherits the thermal oscillation frequencies. At the same time, according to the principle of ultimate harmony, there should be a close relationship between electromagnetic and thermal oscillations: thermal oscillations generate an electromagnetic field, and the electromagnetic field is oriented towards synchronous assistance to build-up of the thermal oscillations. This interaction is positive, organic, and promotes stability of the frequencies of thermal oscillations – and also body temperature (!). This, in turn, is an indicator of the ideal composition of tissues, of the state of organs, of stability of the healthy state of organisms.

System of such electromagnetic oscillations is neither more nor less than biofield of organisms. Needless to say, it is an important substance for the body and an indicator of organ health.

Psychic-media people determine the health of the body and its organs just by the biofield. The complex organic connection of the biofield with the system of thermal oscillations is inherited, preserved and being improved over a long period of the organism’s life. Even being weak, the biofield acts on the principle of resonance: its periodic, weak, but continuous action in time with the oscillations of atoms and parts of the flesh is summed up, creating a tangible effect as a result. This is analogous to precision of a mechanical watch, provided by movement of the balance with the feeble hair-spring.

Later we will show that the functions of the biofield are very effectively promoted by another, strongest physical factor.

For now, we just note that the effectiveness of such functions of the biofield – up to microwave frequencies – is favored by the small mass of tissue atoms and, associated with them, the high tissue permeability to the biofield. However, there is an opinion that the effect of charge separation in atoms – the formation of oscillating «dumbbells» – is not enough for the proper efficiency of the biofield. Because, an effect of «dumbbells» works at frequencies above the microwave range – in the infrared spectral range – and this is incompatible with the living conditions.

Just this is where the field of activity is freed up for the mechanical effect of separation of charges, what is the transmission link between the mechanics of thermal oscillations and their electrodynamics. This mysterious effect can participate, – and according to the principle of ultimate harmony, – it is fully participated in the biofield formation, being not an atomic effect, but a structural mechanism operating at any temperatures and frequencies.

8. Biorhythms and states of the human organism

One of the subjects of attention of modern biophysics is the rhythms of brain activity. Since the brain controls the tissues, the rhythms of the tissues coincide with its biorhythms, without any doubt. This is nothing more than their main frequencies and, therefore, the frequencies of the biofield. We will further replace the concept of “frequency” with sufficient reason with the prevailing concept of “rhythm” or “biorhythm”.

A person with a high spiritual culture brings his rhythms to the ideal level, thereby reduces energy losses of his own biofield. Thus, his body, controlled by the biofield, feels less hungry, and is also able to largely resist negative external influences. An example of this is the “supernatural” phenomenon of yogis. Here the biofield acts as a powerful stabilizer of the state of tissues, as a primary, in a certain way, spiritual factor.

What can disturb such harmony? First, the excess in nutrition does. This is especially the excess of fluid and fatty depositions, which violate the consistency of tissues, the stability of frequencies (rhythms) and, probably, the process of distribution of charges. Secondly, these are excessive emotions and stresses, feelings of anxiety and fear, which also systematically disrupt the rhythms of tissues and the body as a whole.

Aggressive emotions disrupt the state of the nervous system. Nerves, as you know, act primarily on the cardiovascular system and muscle tissue, straining it. This directly distorts at least one of the basic rhythms – it is the specific rhythm.

One may not doubt that the rhythms of the ideal state of the body are not always easy to achieve. For deductive reasons, these are some extreme rhythms, namely, with minimal frequencies, and these frequencies guarantee the preservation and restoration of tissues, their functions, etc. The main of these rhythms really exists – this is the so-called delta rhythm. In general, there is the following classification of biorhythms inherent as in brain activity, so in the tissue and, as a whole, in the biofield:

Rhythms Frequencies Modes
Delta rhythm 0,5-3 Hz Relaxation; restoration processes
Theta rhythm 4-7 Hz Focus on the source of information
Alpha rhythm 8-13 Hz Assimilation of information
Beta rhythm 14-35 Hz Active wakefulness
Gamma rhythm 36-55 Hz Maximum concentration of attention

Frequencies up to 40 Hz are considered the frequencies of the body’s base range. The gamma rhythm is approaching the level of a stressful state.

A healthy heart emits electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 700 to 800 Hz. Intercellular interaction occurs at a frequency of 40 to 70 GHz, which ensures the stability of the internal environment of the body and the stability of physiological processes.

The above table indicates that the delta rhythm is the main rhythm of health and its restoration. Its range includes the rhythm of heart contractions – and elastic oscillations in the body tissues. We are well aware that the restoration of strength and our health occurs mainly during sleep – this is practically our most relaxed state.

Complete relaxation and moderately vigorous physical activity (beta rhythm) are two important states of the body, basic states. In Chinese esoteric philosophy, this is figured by the combined energies of “yin” and “yang”, which is denoted by a special symbolic sign. It is important for a person to be systematically in these states. The delta rhythm differs by restorations at the “subtle level”, the beta rhythm is characterized by the speed of practical adaptation and of coherence. – Relax like a cat and move like a tit!

From beta rhythms and above, metabolic and hormonal processes are accelerated, strengthening the immune system.

Laboratory studies by Chinese biophysicists have established that suppression of motor memory (Alzheimer’s disease) is eliminated by stimulating brain tissue – for example, through vision – by one of the basic frequencies of activity. It is believed that biorhythms of activity stimulate some hormonal processes in the cerebral cortex. Probably, biorhythms even influe on the elements of the nervous system as a whole, for example, they can reten the functions of the optic nerve in case of the threat of glaucoma.

Like the separation of charges, the effectiveness of the biofield also remains hidden from overall attention, being lost in competition with the activity of the functions of the autonomic nervous system. You can even ask a naive question: what is primary and what is secondary in this (as on an example with “chicken and egg”)? Although, in system coherence, everything is primary, this question can be answered. – So, although the biofield is a fundamental phenomenon, we have to admit that from the everyday point of view, the autonomic nervous system turns out to be primary. Because, in general, the perfection of biorhythms and, in the whole, health depend on the state of the nervous system(!). However, and vice versa: under conditions of systematic activity of the organism, the state of the elements of the nervous system itself may depend on the perfection of the biofield. Everyday factors of motor-memory mobilization can become a real obstacle even to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. And herewith, there is already enough reason to understand, how fear and disbelief in the power of healing impede recovery. In other words, everything said here is an explanation of how the state of mind affects health.

9. Physics and music

It occurs that there is a direct connection between reproduction of musical compositions and the biophysical state of the listening person, if, for example, we take into account the fact that even water and, as it is believed, plants react to a melody. If you approach it purely formally, without complicated thinking, then the connecting link is the concept of “rhythm”, because this is the keyword for biophysics and musical sphere.

Music directly affects our biorhythms, and simply – our mood. A slow minor melody is conducive to calmness – even, perhaps, with a touch of sadness. So, the C-minor tone row, including Eb, is in tune with the G note of the third octave (392 Hz). Namely, the frequency of this note is a multiple of the frequencies of the C-minor triad – C-Eb-G-C – what creates the most harmonious consonance, which, at a slow tempo, is conducive to tranquility. At the same time, in the C-major triad, the note E major creates an exciting dissonance, because the frequencies of this triad are multiples of the G note of the fifth octave, which goes beyond the limits of perception. On the other hand, the G note of the fourth octave (785 Hz), which is “multiple” in this case to the notes of the first octave – C, F and G, – is adequate to the radiating frequency of a healthy heart.

The rhythms set by percussion instruments, on the one hand, coincide with our delta rhythm, on the other hand, they invigorate, causing the usual reaction to a sharp sound, which excites the beta rhythm – the rhythm of active wakefulness.

We ourselves are like stringed instruments – musical compositions literally play on our biorhythms, as on strings. Let melodies and songs fill our everyday life, helping us to “build and live” – to stay awake and relax!

10. Iron again!

Finally, let us leave the skeptical opinion about the strength and effectiveness of biofields of living organisms, recalling the most exclusive moment – the magnetic property of iron (!).

We know that iron has an important function in organisms, in its blood, transporting oxygen. We have already noted this exceptional property – moderation in interaction with oxygen, i.e. a rare combination of the ability to attach it and give it away. But the functions of iron are not limited to this… – We also know that the most exclusive property of iron is its strongest magnetism, which greatly surpasses the rest of the elements of the Periodic System. As a result, there are two exclusivities in one element!.. Of course, according to the principle of maximum harmony, the magnetic property of iron for beings is not an happenstance and should work – and, therefore, works for organization. At the same time, in the exclusiveness of such a property, it is logical to see a very important factor for organisms. But what does that factor manifest itself in?

Iron is a powerful magnetic field amplifier. In a medium containing iron and penetrated by a magnetic field, this field is greatly enhanced as a result of the orientating magnetic moments of iron atoms – small magnets – along the original direction of the field. In a solid medium, this happens with overcoming “frictional forces” – due to strong interatomic bonds. In a liquid medium, such bonds are weak, and the process of magnetic orientation is much faster and more efficient. Thus, some known ferromagnetic liquids are capable of amplifying a magnetic field thousands of times. However, these are data from static tests only.

Biofield of a living organism is actually increased else by two or three orders of magnitude. Ultimately, this is due to a combination of three important factors: resonance with thermal oscillations, magnetic activity of iron atoms. The iron magnetism is the most important factor in enhancing biofields to the level of their effective interaction with thermal oscillations in tissues..

Participation of iron atoms as conductors of the biofield lies in the movements of their magnetic moments – in changes in their orientation. The high orientation ability of the moments is ensured by the liquid and mobile state of the blood. This is especially important for generating high biorhythm frequencies and, in general, to enhance the biofield.

The most elementary movement of magnetic moments is not oscillation, but rotation. The so-called torsion (helical) configuration of the biofield is associated with this. The direction of rotation of the biofield during the movement of its wave is embodied in the motor features of the hands. So, the easiest rotation of the right hand and its forearm – it is the radiating, “giving” hand – is a clockwise movement, as when tightening bolts, nuts, screws, – according to the so-called “gimlet’s rule”.

Some interlocutors ask questions that can lead everything to a dead end: is the magnetism of iron so important when there is cupreous blood? In response, we must give more or less logical arguments. – Mainly mollusks and arthropods have cupreous one – these are crayfish, crabs, lobsters, – creatures of marine inhabiting. Their mobility is much lower than that of fish, and thus they need less oxygen supply. For this, iron may turn out to be, most likely, an excessively strong and even dangerous agent. At the same time, copper has many isotopes, and the whole group of them may have weak magnetic (paramagnetic) properties. This is quite enough for a sedentary lifestyle of such individuals in aquatic environments with a deficiency of oxygen and, especially, with an “animal” menu that can replenish their biofield.

11. Embodiment of biofields

So, due to the extremely high effect of iron magnetism, the biofield of living organisms is able to effectively stabilize their state. In addition, it, extending behind the bodies in the form of aura, is able to a certain extent to affect other organisms and, in general, the environment.

Everyone knows about the great benefits of bee honey for humans – and not only in nutrition, but also in the treatment of wounds, burns, and in the prevention of organ functions. They say that honey contains the entire periodic table of elements. There is no reason to argue with this – honey contains radicals associated with the origin and development of plant fruits, and this can be considered a weighty argument.

Now we again face the uncertainties and mysteries of biophysical effects. – We dare to say that bees tirelessly dry honey at night, literally driving colossal energy into it. Apparently, one should not exclude the fact that, in the winter period, this stored energy – the biofield energy of bees – plays a significant role in their feeding on honey “enchanted” by them, protecting them from the cold in an incredible manner. The bee biofield embodied in honey has probably an effect similar to the actions of a strong psychic-medium people.

…By the way, one psychic medium, who surprised with his skills an ex-Atheist, told him a story about what prompted him, the future psychic, to develop these skills. So, once in the Hermitage (Leningrad), he felt the magical, attractive effect of some paintings. It turned out that all these paintings, without exception, were the works of Michelangelo. It is known about this famous painter that he was very emotional and even had a tough disposition – strong, unbridled energy.

Let you draw conclusions. Of course, the visitor to the Hermitage could be influenced by the combination of the peculiarities of the subject, style and expressiveness of the paintings. – Again persistent ambiguity! – But something else is also possible. With the direct emotional impact of the painter, fresh paint of paintings can easily absorb his biofield into its own electronic-magnetic structure, while the intermolecular bonds remain mobile. The absorbed biofield “freezes” when the paint dries, – as with case of honey drying.

It can be additionally mentioned that water also exhibits the property of perception of biofields. So, some popular-scientific themes tell about the ability of water with the inherent asymmetry of the H2O molecule to create complex molecular structures under influence of emotions, and even music – also rhythms, isn’t it! For the sake of its own stability, the complex structure of water is formed by tuning to the fields that excite water medium oscillations.

A notable example is – don’t be surprised! – …from Russian fairy tales. That is an example of how heroes were healed with “living” and “dead” water. “A fairy tale is a lie…”, but in addition to imagination, they also embody the details of ancient life, in particular, a technique of healing. So, it is not without logic that at first “dead” water, charged with the emotions of destruction, was used to clean and disinfect the wound. Then, to accelerate the healing process, “living” water saturated with a positive biofield was used. More realistic arguments can be seen in the fact that today there are echoes of such techniques in “old wives’” methods of treatment with honey, “charged” means – water, various ointments and oils.

Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev Leningrad psychic, author of a series of brochures «Diagnostics of Karma» – by the way, also an artist, – talked about such an absorbing property of wines. So, as wine-makers say, react the speed of wine fermentation react to emotions of employees – wines “absorb” their moods. They also adapt to the new environment within three days after transportation.

From such positions, one can understand the original meaning of the tradition of proclaiming toasts: wishes are pronounced over a glass of wine, and then with this glass one should touch the glasses of companions.

It is thought that one should not be skeptical about the experience of past generations – about some ancient traditions, rituals and other techniques that have lost their true meaning in the fog of times. Everything that has been said about embodiment of the fields is aggregated evidence that takes into account this experience. It is even believed that the property of embodiment is not limited to honey, water, wine and drying paint. Biofields can drop their trace on indoor and garden plants, into favorite objects – toys, paintings, jewelry (!), – into wooden and upholstered furniture and even into the walls of an apartment.

According to all that has been said, it is important for a person to show benevolence and other positive emotions not only for the sake of his own health, but also for the environment – this will be mentioned more than once. For example, experienced gardeners believe that caring for plants, especially at the time of planting, should be done with kind emotions, with love, maybe even with kind prayer. Evil emotions can damage seed germination.

Unfortunately, evil emotions are usually stronger than good ones. And they harm, first of all, their own biofield. Constant resentment, rage, jealousy and envy, as well as feelings of anxiety and fear are strong factors that disrupt their own biofield and the state of the body, – a direct path to a disorder of the functions of the nervous system, rhythms of intercellular metabolism, hormonal and mental processes, – path to cardiovascular, oncological, mental, and other diseases.

Thus, our path unexpectedly guides us through the territory of witchcraft, powers of emotions and prayers. And what awaits us next? …

12. Magnetic recording and personality formation

Let’s return to the topic of the formation of biofields, namely the biophysics of emotions, human behavior – to the role of the heart and the magnetic properties of iron in this. So, the activity of the heart plays a certain role in the characteristic changes in the biofield. As you know, the blood circulation in the body is connected with the sheer fact of cardiac activity. But blood, as we already know, is a liquid magnetic, figuratively speaking, a moving magnetic tape. In its dynamics, the circulatory system, covering the entire body, is an active participant in the formation of the biofield. With ideal biorhythms, this guarantees an extremely small need for nutrition for each cell of the body, although the delivery of oxygen to the brain and nervous system remains vital. In other words, blood circulation produces a “sonic” magnetic recording, where “sound” typifies a set of rhythms of the body’s activity at a given moment.

Herewith, of course, the stronger the heart rhythm and the more often it is repeated – the louder and clearer the recording. As a result, against the background of the main rhythms and many small records in the biofield, the systematic features of the emotional state and life of a person are most clearly recorded: these are emotions, sympathies and priorities, inclinations, skills, talents, habits, addictions, character traits. In other words, it being formed a personality. Thus, the phenomenon of magnetic recording serves the adaptation of living beings and the human personality to the conditions of existence. The active carrier of all this information is blood itself.

Magnetic recording is interrupted at the final stop of heart. Since this, everything recorded remains unchanged further. There may also be remnants of negative recordings that could have been corrected or obscured in some way in advance.

Did you understand – where is one directing us to?… – Biblical concepts appearing. It is no coincidence that, according to the Bible, blood represents the soul of a living person. The soul is the informational content of the biofield, a complex of hereditary and acquired records, life experience. Along the way, it is implied that other living beings, down to the smallest insects, are no exception in this.

13. Biofield contacts. Inheritance of skills. Family harmony and development of the child

As for sympathies, skills and talents, and even external features, if we consider that hereditary transmission of these to the offspring is unconditional – and, by the way, this does not even contradict Darwin’s theory – then the leading role in this, in view of the above, must be admitted for biofield. Genetics also plays an important role in heredity, setting the general structure of the organism and controlling their systematic features which emerging in a long hereditary “relay race”. However, here it has to be considered secondary. It is difficult, for example, to imagine the genetics of inheriting the love of driving cars or of the skills of bees to build honeycombs. How is this encoded in genes?!.. – is a rhetorical question.

The property of embodiment of biofields implicates that biofield, concentrating in body, spreads into the space around the body, like any field, – and even much further, and it is called the etheric body or aura. People in the immediate environment – family members, co-workers, and friends – in one way or another are in the closest contact with it.

Having a penetrating ability in tissues, biofields are most actively involved in the formation of a child’s fetus from the moment of its inception. These are the fields of the parents, literally absorbed into the fetus. In the fifth month – at the stage of perceived size of the fetus – the foundations of the child’s character are formed. The impact of the fields of the parents continues until the child birth – and then actively acts in the rapid development in him the necessary skills of perception, response, communication and creativity.

At the moment of inception of the fetus, it is very important that the fields of the parents are of the nominal strength and quality of rhythms – there would be no overdose of alcohol, toxins, many medications, as well as shocks, severe fatigue, and strong exhaustion. Moreover, the fields should not in any way conflict, but on the contrary, create unison of rhythms, their consonance. That is, there must not be anger, resentment and even petty contradictions that affect the rhythms, so that love and harmony would reign between the parents. However, in most cases all this is almost completely performed by itself.

Up to the child birth and further, such conditions are usually not so unconditionally fulfilled, although love and agreement between parents are very important here, even in the little things that wives usually consider important. It is important for wives not to abuse this, subjugating their husbands, but to mortify their own irritability themselves. And let husbands not interrupt marital worries and do not waste their energy on third-party connections. – This is what pediatricians and family psychologists usually say. We will touch on this topic from a physical standpoint.

In that way, some of the practical skills of existence, vital functions and behavior are successfully inherited by children. By the way, some of the vital skills not only of people, but also of all representatives of the fauna, are transmitted in the same manner in a long hereditary “relay race”. These are the skills of bees to build honeycombs, birds to build nests, spiders to weave a patterned web, affection and obedience of horses and dogs to humans. Finally, these are work skills passed on from parents to children – this is something in which genetics plays a remote role.

As the Bible narrates (Genesis; 5 and 6 chapters), Adam and his first descendants produced off-spring no earlier than sixty years of age from their birth. The hereditary craving for the production of offspring increased significantly in humans and even went out of control during one and a half thousand years (Ch. 6). This is an example of the “relay race” of developing the “skill” that grew at last of all into a strong instinct. Just like the instinct for self-preservation and protection of offspring, this has been strengthened in humanity and in the animal world for centuries, what did even in a spirit of Darwin’s formal theory: the hereditary line is reproduced more actively where these instincts are most powerful.

14. On the resonance of biofields. Effect of love, consent, etc.

Importance of love and harmony in families and groups is complemented by biophysical or simply physical arguments, as well as everyday ones.

In conditions of mutual nearness and consent of all family members, living together in a single dwelling, their biofields inevitably interact. The electromagnetic nature of this interaction – in physics it is referred to as “mutual induction” – promotes formation of a set of rhythms and recordings, the same for all family members. There are considerations, and even everyday arguments, that in this case there is a resonance (interference) of the fields in the literal sense of the word, with a positive emotional effect, like the rhythmic applause of sports fans. And this happens even with any kind of friendly relationship between humans, contributes to the spiritual atmosphere in friendly teams, increasing the overall tone of activity and behavior.

Should the biofields be mismatched in rhythms – each one stays at its own – then the energy of the common aura would simply be summed up – one, two, three… – At the same time, resonance is a coincidence not only of frequencies, but also of tact. Herewith, in the common field, the forces of the collective magnetism of the blood-forming iron are literally “arithmetically” summed up, just like at interaction of ordinary magnets. As a result, the energy of the general aura, according to the principles of physics, is not simply summed up, but is increased in a square: twice two, three times three, four times four, thereby creating a positive energetic effect. An abstract example: for the forces of the fields of two persons (“a” and “b”) it would be “(a + b)² = a² + 2ab + b²”, where, in addition to the own energy of biofields (“a²” or “b²”), each one would have the additive “ab” (or “ba”), which actually reflects reciprocity of sympathies, obvious participation of both fields.

Once, such a principle was noticed by some authorities of magic: it was believed that the strength of the collective influence of equivalent psychics is determined by the square of their number (N²).

In ordinary electrodynamics – in the working of electric motors and electromagnets – the mutual induction of fields that are not connected with each other does not give the effect of increasing energy due to the equality of the so-called “cosφ” power factor to zero. And this is not surprising, otherwise it would be possible to build a perpetuum mobile. But for biofields, the resonant manifestation of the effect of mutual induction – coherence of biofields – leads to an increase in the energy of the general aura and almost all individual rhythms: rhythms of the basic level, metabolic processes, immune defence, thinking and mental perception, etc. And this gives a positive effect for each member of a family and team. Of course, this is how the law of conservation of energy is violated for biofields – in the positive direction. This is surprising and, at the same time, believable. – Apparently, it is enough to fulfill the conservation law only for ordinary physical energy: the energy of motion, rest, heat, radiation, chemical reactions. At last of all, such energy feeds all kinds of biofields, and the conservation law is fulfilled only for itself. In that manner, for example, a radio-signal amplifier is powered by constant voltage.

The unison, consonance of “friendly” biofields with its energetic effect – is it truth or a fancy – is reflected in the areas of drama, in poetry. –…“Being (both) in perfect harmony”, “hearts beat in one tact”, “united flesh”, “love that gives strength”…. Whether the physical effect of the resonance of biofields is so simple basis of all this, is this true?! – Again physics with “lyrics”. – And what are affection and love? – Whether is it no coincidence of rhythms, giving a burst of energy, which is hard to lose when a loved one leaves, is that true?.. Does all this not strange with the highest degree?..

… Believe it or not, but let’s see what an analogy with natural-science things emerges here. After all, it is known that in inanimate nature any movement or change in the state of bodies and environments is accompanied by changes in physical energy in its various manifestations. In other words, energy by its change sets the motion and changes in the states of bodies and environs. Apparently, at the last, this is also projected on the life sphere: the emotions of people (and animals), their motives, persuasive for actions are directly fed by the energy of their biofields. – Why not?!.. The fact that emotions manifest themselves with a sudden surge of energy (and, by the way, emotions of aggression can waste it) – does not it look plausible?.. – No energy – no emotions… If this is not so, then where appears the physical basis for energetic of higher nervous activity? What do you say to this, comrades scientists, engineers and technicians?..

In particular, let us think about what is the energy of a mother’s strong attachment to her child, who had copied her biofield. What is her state in the minutes when her grown-up child leaves her home for a long time? …Or when he returns from a long absence? And what happens when old friends meet, especially in group meetings? And why are they hugging each other?

And, at the last, where does the energy arise from of soldiers’ fortitude became raised by the famous commander before the attack? As Suvorov spoke: “– Miracle-heroes!..”. – Especially if this occurs with drumbeat, a marching music and combat song, which unifying rhythms. Where does energy suddenly come from for the whole multitude of fighters – if the problem, for example, – where to get of food for all these mouths – is a constant headache for the quartermasters?.. – Energy from somewhere outside does just not come, because God blesses not every army, and not always. Although the life motives of warriors-defenders deserve blessings. And, if there are such motives, it is easier to raise the collective spirit of the soldiers, and in case of tactical and technical equality with the enemy, they will overcome it even in reduced number.

But, on the other hand, let’s think about, for example, which is the biophysical state, the energy of a lover who has been rejected. What is a harmony, unison in the family, if a spouse has a connection in another side, contacts with someone else’s differed aura? …or even he or she leaves the family? What then happens to the state of children, whose souls are literally torn? And what happens to people when a loved one dies?.. – Whether will your heart react to this with a new understanding of all this?

The hardest consonance of biofields, with its energetic effect, is manifested in the contact of a man and a woman. The biofield of a young woman is especially inclined to this. But without the true love with its worldly prospects, such contact turns into a crime, and the rejected partner may remain spiritually injured. After all, as in any other cases, the burst of energy, at the last, is “radiated off”, and the breaking turns into an energetic decline, the spirit of the rejected partner becomes enslaved, and his health may even be disrupted. Not in vain that one of the God’s commandments says: “Do not commit adultery”.

As for conflicts, there are opinions that supposedly biofields in conflicts can mutually repel. However, it is difficult to physically imagine. In any case, in conflicts, one way or another, by their strength and aggressiveness, rhythms of aggression not only do not create harmony, but even significantly violate it, and we are able to understand this.

All problems within families and collectives have clear biophysical echoes. And this is quite real, naturally reflected in the mental and physical condition of homely and loved ones. For the sake of the consonance, let us preserve harmony and strengthen love for our neighbors, let us be benevolent and merciful, be ready to provide all possible help and support to those in need. Let us especially maintain love in our family, evincing it constantly: these are words of love, consolation and supporting, compliments; simple physical contacts; gifts; joint affairs, cultural events, communication; – be caring for each other – and avoid disputes and conflict situations.

There is a deep implication in the fact that between friends, homely and loved people, the resonance of biofields is concentrated in joint mutually similar images, in systems of images in bodily memory. Due to this, the love thoughts about a distant friend, son or daughter are directed only towards them. And thanks to the “ferric” power of biofields and of their perception, mutual contact can arise, and such thoughts can be answered as if by mail, from great distances: – is everything all right with a loved one. If everything is all right, and you are also “in the heart” of the loved one, this can give a positive response by a small surge of vitality – and even for both ones. … Remember Konstantin Simonov: “…With your expectation, you saved me.” So particles of life experience can be found even in pure poetry.

Emotional images are recorded and stored in the blood and therefore, like a hologram, are actually dispersed throughout the human body. A new image, caused by perception or memory, can coincide with an already recorded it. In this case, again, a resonance arises, and the increase in energy is unambiguously reflected in motives to act. In fact, this is the effect of skills and habits, endured impressions. Such images can be love for own home, homely people, friends, for a cheerful and friendly company, love for nature, for animals and birds, thirst for science and art, for creative activity, etc.

It is very important to cultivate in the child a love for all this. This is meant namely that which has no real value and cannot enslave. It does as in the Russian song: «…that which in any trials anyone cannot take away from us…». Such love and the kind memory generated by it will contribute to the development of skills and talents, constantly give a power throughout life, will be a spirit resupply and refuge from all negative experiences, motives, addictions and actions that violate energy of the person and of his environment.

15. On the survival of species

Should we ourselves think about the survival of species or their individuals, then the ghost of Darwin’s theory would loom in the minds of representatives of the older generation – a certain law of survival and development. But no two laws are alike – they can be divided into governing and descriptive, ascertaining. For example, the law of conservation of energy is a governing one that has its own forces, even in the literal sense. These forces control the movement, – and the driven object moves, as it were, along a certain channel – like a stream. On the other hand, Darwin’s theory is an example of a statutory, descriptive law that does not have its own “power”. So, Darwinism is not aware of the active role of the laws of biophysics and other mysterious factors in the individual development of organisms. Figuratively speaking, it is a kind of Mr. Watson, describing the exploits of Sherlock Holmes.

 “…Just the strongest survives…” – Where is it? In the wild or on clandestine battles?! – If it is in natural disasters, either everyone or no one can survive, and it would be better for humans to behave as a single, friendly team – in the spirit of the Commandments. But the given thesis, in contrary, is simply nothing more than a call to conflicts.

Hopefully, we have already begun to feel the priorities in terms of “development – Creation”, of course, if simple human logic is true to us about this. So, in the most fundamental moments – in particular, in matters of development, – Darwin’s theory is even no more than “a spectator from the gallery”. For example, let us ask a rhetorical question: how did an underdeveloped eye of an animal develop “in the era of development of species”, if it has not yet learned to see in an unpredictable and deadly reality – and remained a useless, unnecessary rudiment in the severe conditions of survival? – This is an absurd situation, a theme for horror tales.

If in development, supposedly, there is a driving force, but in fact a protective force that maintains the stable existence of organisms, guaranteeing the survival of species, then Darwin’s theory is hopeless for revealing its essence and answering the question – what kind of power protects living beings, flocks, collectives of people? Where is the true source of this power?

…One way or another, the auras of people overlap in outstretch of them and, being rightfully called “etheric bodies”, form the aura of humanity. This aura accumulates the most general, the strongest repeated emotional images and instincts with their modern ferity, whose total strength noticeably influences every person, especially in big cities.

A collective aura, a common biofield is also inherent in each type of creatures with “iron” blood, and specifically each flock. Each creature is a carrier and receiver of the flock’s (and species’) biofield, as well as each iron atom is a carrier and receiver of the organism’s biofield. The collective field is a next factor of stability – of each individual health and even of species survival.

This stability is aggravated even by the slightest consonance of biorhythms, which inevitably exists for the flock, because, unlike humans, there are no such obvious personalized differences between such individuals that might violate the general consonance. This implies the resonance of the entire complex of biorhythms. It also includes the frequencies of thought processes and intuition. So, for example, whether have you not noticed that pigeons and sparrows fly not behind the leader, but in a “cloud”, in a united front, without colliding with each other when maneuvering? … By the way, “command” literally means “like one hand”. It’s like a single spirit. If it was happened that a flock of pigeons fliew around you, asking for food, whether didn’t you feel its specific “tickling”?..

The flock’s “spirit”: whether does it exist as a single self-consistent biofield with the effect of enhanced intuition, or is it more self-standing something? For example, some mysterious “spirit”, whether isn’t he patronizing the anthill in its migration to other habitats – with the passage of even small, but still extremely dangerous sections of dirt roads?.. There were such cases. …How to find the reasonable solution and implement it with united determination in this army of many thousands beings?.. And how would a human army behave without a commander?..

The «spirit of an anthill», in particular, can manifest itself in the fact that if the living conditions for an anthill are sharply violated, then its individuals develop wings, and the flock migrates to other places. It is difficult to explain such a metamorphosis with ordinary logic. Although it is possible, this is due to the massive hunger of ants. After all, one cannot but agree that hunger of living beings activates their abilities – sense of smell, reaction, intuition. Whether is this not happening, at the last, due to purification (rejuvenation) of organisms and normalization of their individual biorhythms? – There is ambiguity again. In any case, it can also be at least formally considered a manifestation of survival.

Such ambiguity is grossly and incredibly violated by the effects of changes in protective coloration (mimicry) in some species of insects, fish, animals, and even birds, in particular, in bottom-dwelling fish, reptiles, and cuckoo eggs putted down into another nests.

The effect of cuckoo eggs can still be explained somehow – its eggs are probably adapting to the collective field of own eggs. But how to explain the adaptation of bottom fish to the peculiarities of bottom colours?.. – A certain “spirit of the species” – “Mr. X” – tears off his mask here.

…Or maybe mysterious forces exist ready to protect us in some incredible way? Why are we worse than bottom fish? – The problem is that humanity is extremely scattered and does not have sufficient unison even within individual groups.

One should not be surprised at the ability of a flock or species to reproduce to unimaginable scales, if conditions of the existence do not promise any restrictions. An example of this is the phenomena of invasions of the Colorado potato beetle, Australian rabbits and ostriches.

However, it is surprising that during combating such disasters, the destroyed species counteracts genocide, adapts, and the example of the Colorado potato beetle gives the impression that it even strengthens itself, increases the voracity and prolificacy of individuals. Here, as it were, the “law of preservation of the species” is involved, turning into a “law of conservation of the spirit” comprising the biofields of lost individuals, the remains of their blood in a given territory. Whether isn’t it a sacrifice? What is not it sacrifices by?

16. About sacrifices

In this regard, the time has come to understand the innermost essence of the sacrifice.

They were everywhere practiced in ancient times. But how reasonable was this ritual? – If in general we talk about intelligent behavior and restrict ourselves to the framework of the animal world, then any creature is reasonable as much as this allows to maximally preserve a given species in unfavorable and, moreover, in dangerous conditions. In the harshest conditions, the behavior of beings should be as reasonable and practical as possible. This is required by the formal principle of harmony.

This also concerned people of distant antiquity. It would be ridiculous for them, who had sufficient mental abilities, but did not live in comfortable conditions, to constantly practice rituals that did not give the expected results. Nevertheless, for two millennia until the beginning of our era, peoples with different languages, regardless of cultural and religious differences, practiced animal sacrifices to increase the number of livestock. Whether isn’t it in vain?

– It comes that no, and this can somehow be understood from the position of the consonance of biofields and the «flock’s spirit». So, the essence of animal sacrifice can be seen in the following. Despite the decrease in the number N of individuals of a flock, the spirit of an animal victim, spreading to the whole flock and acting with its own rhythms, like a conductor in an orchestra, became an interlink and more active than a living leader, tuned the biofields of individuals to his own rhythm and thereby brought them closer together, promoting to enhancement of their consonance. To achieve the consonance with ideal state of rhythms, it is advisable to use an animal male, young and virgin, as required by a God’s command. By the way, from such positions one can understand the reason for Cain’s envy of Abel. So, you may be know that, unlike Cain, Abel sacrificed animals to God, and not the fruits of plants.

As you can see, everything said here completes all the consistency in understanding the phenomenon of biofields and their consonance, and most importantly – brings us closer to the result of solving the “development – Creation” dilemma.

17. System of biofields

It becomes obvious that the source of the survival strength covers a wider areas – even more than of single species of living beings. Such a scale can be felt in the existence of a certain commonality between the biorhythms of people, species of animals, insects and other creatures. This can be perceived by the example of bee honey. There are reasons to add up here plants, all kinds of them, even if such a commonality with living creatures is not so complete. Because, as already mentioned, many grain growers and gardeners consider it unconditional to be in a good spirit during sowing and other agricultural work, so far as it is believed that this promotes the germination of seeds and, in general, the yield of crops. A gardener may have a love for his trees, and they – there are examples – become “spiritually” attached to their owners. Whether this not an example of the energetic effect of field consonance?

Biofields of flora’s and fauna’s subjects, including humanity, one way or another, touch, overlap, interact. Stability in nature, its harmony is inevitably associated with the systemic affinity of the biofields. According to the principle of ultimate harmony, this is the maximum possible coincidence of rhythms, a condition of resonance, and is the biofields resonance as such. For example: despite the fact that the biofields of plants are weak, in the forest plant environment, such a resonance, one way or another, is established during some time, and this is stimulated by the animal world, by the “ferric” strength of their biofields. All this is aimed to the integrity and increased strength of the unified field of the Earth’s biosphere, and, perhaps, is combined even with the rhythms of the Earth. Should it not be the case, there would be constant conflicts in biosphere, and we would have serious problems with adaptation to the environment and assimilation of food. But physical principles and many everyday examples show that every state tends to physical stability, like water in a glass.

The commonality and harmony of biofields, thus, promote the stability and strength of individual biofields, as in the example with flocks. In particular, no one negates the goodness of the influence of nature on the physical and mental state of people, especially those who have got out the bustle of the city, in order, for example, to lean their cheek against an oak tree.

The normalized human biofield, in turn, is capable of promoting harmony in biosphere and positively influencing the processes occurring in nature. So, according to some private observations, over a ten-year period, since about 1954, in Eastern Ukraine, apricot was started up blossoming since the eve of the May holiday – April 29-30. On May 1, the weather was always sunny, apple trees started up blossoming and swallows flew in (on May 2, pears began blossoming). – Apparently, it was no coincidence that nature was decorated on the eve of the favorite holiday of the Soviet people… There seemed as if the state of nature is connected with the mass joy of people in anticipation of the spring holiday and happy meetings. Perhaps the biophysics of mutual induction is at work here. Or maybe God’s Spirit is at work, decorating the holidays in advance for the joy of people – for the sake of a powerful unison of joy to cheerful meetings and stormy awakening of nature, isn’t it?.. After all, the apricot was blooming before that.

Probably, all this is connected not only with the state of people: in the awakening spring forest, one can note an increased emotional activity of birds, in particular, tits, which survived a cold and snowy winter. Whether isn’t it really a sincere joy? One may to do not already deny the direct influence of this on the stormy spring awakening of nature. There are real grounds to consider all this as a consequence of the systemic, harmonious interconnection “fauna – flora”, with mutual resonance consistency. Because, due to the ferromagnetic properties of iron, the biofields of living organisms have a colossal force of influence on the flora, and the entire fauna in this sense is an important attribute of biosphere, an effective factor of its stability. For example, birds are a special “instrument” of joy. To be able to fly and feed chicks abundantly, they need a sufficiently high emotional potential. They are literally destined to show strong positive emotions for the survival of the family and the maintenance of systemic interconnection in nature.

Human “the king of nature” is not given to be an exception, and, as well, it is implied in the Bible. So, Adam with his descendants was destined to cultivate the Garden of Eden, take care of animals, and expand the boundaries of paradise. For a modern human, one of the tasks is to systematically stay in a state of peace, joy, cheerfulness, benevolence, helpfulness, love, promoting harmony and conservation of nature.

Unfortunately, it is humanity that creates conflicts in biosphere, diverting its rhythms. And throughout the earth’s history there is a steady tendency of alienation of humanity from the role entrusted to it in nature. This trend has intensified significantly over the past decades and has reached dangerous levels.

They say that nature takes revenge for this. According to private observations, in the period from 1986 to 1988 – the years of seismic instability in the Caucasus – earthquakes occurred at the times and in places of aggressive mood of the masses of people. So, in 1986 there was an earthquake in Tbilisi. This happened a month after the manifestation of mass discontent in front of the city committee of the Communist Party of Georgia, with the grave consequences of this incident. With the time period November-December 1988, when a significant part of the population of Armenia and Azerbaijan was involved in the Karabakh conflict, the strongest earthquake in Spitak (Armenia) coincided. For a long time – at about the same period – frequent earthquakes occurred in Romania (the Carpathians). We can talk about increased seismic instability in the region of Romania. But this is only a formal words. – Of the seven countries of the Carpathian region, it was Romania that was distinguished by acute socio-political tension. – What is the specific reason in for such phenomena – doesn’t this by destructive consonance of aggressive rhythms, is this? …

Anyway, one can only suppose that energy of people in such cases acted to detriment of harmony in nature. It remains surprising that such harmony is not limited to the state of biosphere, but can also concern the geophysical aspect. One can imagine that the Earth itself is a receptacle for the fields of biosphere. This is, as it were, its own stable rhythms consonant with biosphere. And one should have not broken this coherence in order to avoid serious consequences.

18. Excursion to the Flood

… If there is some logic in that, then how should we treat the biblical phenomenon of the Flood, allegedly provoked by the sins of mankind? Again, how can people provocate such a powerful cataclysm? But could it be that the Flood is just a myth? – After all, it is still difficult to find a little logic in the phenomenon of the Flood, not to mention how much humanity provoked it. However, let us be patient and analyze at least credibility of the fact of the Flood as such, taking a close look at modern evidence, for such a powerful phenomenon should have left indelible traces, and there may be enough arguments for it.

If you carefully watched some natural-adventure films and photographs with mountain landscapes, whether did you not pay attention to the system of horizontal lines impressed on the high mountain slopes? What is it associated with? What could have left strictly horizontal lines on the bizarrely relief mountains? .. – Whether an overlaying process done this? – But why, then, the uppermost lines do not even in the slightest degree repeat the surface relief?..

The systems of horizontal lines in high-mountainous massifs are the result of water-undercut of clay rocks by diminishing water, and these rocks have not yet had time to petrify under the influence of the sun and winds befor thousands of years. Nothing else but the churning of stagnant water could leave such a mark on the rocks which, having been petrified by our times, even store the imprints of the remains of living organisms. Signs of the clay state of the rocks can be felt today in mountain caves. – It comes that the relief of the mountain slopes was formed on the eve of the Flood – a year before its end. So, the canyons are one of the former sources of the Flood (as the Bible says) – extremely deep cracks, drifted by mudflows with the diminishing water of the Flood, and today rivers flow on their ground. If we develop this idea further, then deserts are vast areas of sandy mudflows. … What had it be flowed on? Apparently, it had onto clay or black soil. Obviously, such soil is the “bottom” of sandy deserts, and life once reigned on it. If so, then oil is the remains of pre-flood fauna on such a waterproof ground under layers of sand, as well as coal is a tree species.

Where did the water come from, and what forced it to disappear? – This is the questions that also do not have an intelligible answer. Let’s leave doubtful moments for now, and try to analyze further geophysical consequences.

So, where did the Flood water disappear?.. – The only place where it could be localized is to collect it in ice blocks at the poles. There is no other way. – Antarctic contains the remnant of such a “block” – a three kilometre layer of ice, which, should be melted, could raise the level of the oceans by more than three hundred meters.

What should be expected since the ice blocks had formed? – Further, the processes of immersion, creeping and melting of ice would have taken place. The immersion of ice in the interior of the Earth should have been accompanied by its deformation – this is compression along the axis and, as a consequence, stretching of the earth’s crust along the equator. Ultimately, this should have led to the formation of cracks along the meridians. The Atlantic Ocean is such a crack. And on a Google map, you can see the structure of the Pacific Ocean bottom – traces of stretching as an elongation of the bottom relief, mainly along the equator.

The spread of polar ice is evidenced by the phenomenon of the Ice Age, which left noticeable traces in the Northern Hemisphere. Its duration, according to common sense, could not exceed five hundred years.

Since the end of the Flood up to the end of the Ice Age, the globe expanded in size. The associated stretching of the Earth’s surface is noticeable in the outlines of the southern coast of the Atlantic Ocean – the shores of Africa and South America. The stretching was also reflected in the formation of the groups of low mountains, in particular, covered with forest. So, their relief is similar to the structure that forms on the bark of a mature oak or poplar in the process of their growth, increasing of the diameter of their trunk. Obviously, such expansions occurred as bulges under the influence of intra-earth pressure in places of a thinner earth’s crust. Seismic instability and mountain volcanoes in such regions are evidence of this.

Some inklings – where the water of the Flood originally came from – are in the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible – “…the waters which were under the arch and those which were over it”. By “arch”, is meant something material – “not a vacuum”, but namely the environment in which birds flew – that is, the atmosphere.

The Biblical scenario of the Flood is evidenced by the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat, as mentioned in the Bible. These remains were observed by the first Russian aviators at the beginning of the twentieth century. The location of the Ark could be found from satellite images of the mountain slopes. The sizes of the object in the given photo (at the edge of the glacier; the photo of 2012) coincide with the biblical description of the Ark. A few years after this shooting, the Noah’s Ark Museum was opened in Turkey.

It comes that there is some sense in the fact that the Flood phenomenon, despite many unanswered questions, but thanks to the analysis of its geophysical scenario, appears to be a real fact, and thereby confirms the Bible’s narrative and, at least indirectly, is an example of the consequences of disharmony in nature caused by negative the aura of humanity. Thus, it remains also to accept the reality of the manifestation of Highest Forces in the phenomenon of the Flood, in the process of drying up the Earth, in the recreation of the future of the earth’s flora and fauna.

Another indirect evidence of the Flood phenomenon is, oddly enough, the fact of harmonious perfection of organisms, in particular, humans. Bescause, such a harmony is meaningless without the ideal comfort of living conditions, without an organic connection with the vital features of the biological environment, water and air environment, with comfortable atmospheric pressure and temperature.

The essence of such evidence is that a modern human with ideal health is still not immune from systematic colds caused by seasonal fluctuations in the environment temperature. This is the only violation of formal harmony, and it is concentrated not in organisms, but in habitat – in the Earth’s climate. The dependence of the climate on the seasons, expressed in seasonal temperature fluctuations, in general, also remains to be considered one of the consequences of the Flood.

Let us dare on this basis to put forward a hypothesis about the rarefaction of the atmosphere during the Flood. Probably, the absence of tangible fluctuations in the temperature of the environment before the Flood was provided by the dense state of the atmosphere. This hypothesis promises a curious consequence.

According to this hypothesis, firstly, by influence of solar and cosmic radiation on a denser atmosphere, radioactive carbon isotope was produced less than it is recorded today. Due to the fact that the age of fossil biological remains is determined by the degree of smallness of radioactive carbon – with its half-life of 5730 years, – then, secondly, the rarefaction of atmosphere at the time of the Flood should lead to significant inaccuracies. These are inaccuracies in the direction of a significant overestimation of the age of biological artefacts (and rocks) that have being since time before the Flood – more than three thousand years Before the Common Era. Is this why many archaeological information about the age of mankind and biological artefacts so clearly disagree with conjunction of historical and biblical evidences? So, according to that conjunction, before the Common Era, the Earth’s biosphere existed only about four and an eighth millennia… And today this contradiction with radiologic estimates is beginning to attract attention.

Indirect inklings on the rarefaction of atmosphere after the Flood are contained in the Bible. This is a phenomenon of rainbow, which appeared due to a change in the optical density of the air medium – the refractive index of light at the air-water interface.

All that has been said is evidence that the Bible can be trusted here too. As a result, in incredible conditions of survival, the future of humanity and all fauna had been preserved – except for dinosaurs. Perhaps they were simply not admitted into the Noah’s Ark…

19. On vital energy

The above testifies once again to a fundamental and simple philosophical truth: stability of existence is maintained by a harmonious connection with the environment. For example: a lake could eventually evaporate under the influence of solar radiation; clouds by themselves do not exist for a long time and turns into rain; rivers exist as long as their source is. But in a systemic interconnection, the water cycle ensures the long-term existence of lakes, river basins, clouds and rain formation.

Of course, the Earth’s biosphere with a system of biofields of all types and scopes fits entirely into such conception. But it is significant that in this philosophical truth with the given examples, there is simply no place for the boundaries of overall harmony. As a result, harmony should comprise larger-scale factors of stability – as for individual organisms, their ability to restore themselves and regenerate, – so also for the entire biosphere and even more…. For example, the harmony of a soap bubble not worth a brass farthing, since the external environment does not protect it.

In this regard, let us allow ourselves a curious thought: it would be easier to manage – as if from the outside – with the harmonious commonality of the biosphere rhythms, especially under conditions of biofield resonance, – than with the disaccording fields, with a higher set of mismatched rhythms. This is like the fact that it is easier to command a disciplined platoon, than to force separately each private soldier to act…

The commonality of biorhythms in biosphere, their harmonious consistency can be an indirect sign of the existence of a certain large-scale connecting contact, since harmony is really connected with the environment. This can be expressed, in particular, in a “resupply” from the outside, in the resonant reception of “cosmic” rhythms feeding biosphere…. Let us explain this in more detail.

In provisions of esoteric teachings, it is implied that the stability of the biofields of mankind, species of animals and plants is maintained by means of “resupply” by some kind of unified energy – not only the energy of the sun. This mysterious energy, according to the principle of ultimate harmony and other deductive logic, carries in itself a full set of necessary biorhythms and, albeit with weak force, but with constancy, acts on the flora and fauna of the Earth, on individuals, especially if their ‘ferric” biorhythms are “in resonance” with this energy. Yogis call it “prana”, the esoteric teachings of China – the Qi energy. Christians regard this energy as a manifestation of God’s spirit, the Spirit of health and grace.

It is considered that most of this vital energy is accumulated on the tops of the mountains (especially in Tibet), then in descending order – on the coasts of the oceans, seas, in forests, gardens, parks. Least of all this energy is in city markets, on city streets during rush hours, in other crowded places. In the humans’ environment, most of this energy accumulates in the morning from about four to six, the least of it remains in the evening rush hours.

At night, the vital energy resupplies the biofields of sleeping people, strengthening their health, cleansing their psyche. It is able to accumulate in conditions of the most reduced activity of organisms, their internal organs, in conditions of a decrease in the general “noise” of biorhythms. Thanks to this, for example, a cochlea is able to survive long unfavourable seasons in their shell, being in a state of dormancy.

In sleep conditions, the delta rhythm – recovery rhythm – is normalized, its frequency is reduced to a minimum, and thus it “enters into resonance” with the supplied vital energy. Like the tones of guitar strings, the increased rhythms associated with the enzyme, hormonal and immune systems, as well as mental activity, are also normalized, and prophetic dreams can sometimes come to sleeping people and, in cases of wakefulness, intuition can be increased.

Like potential energy, the accumulated vital energy can be converted into a reserve of motor energy and spent on the active behavior of organisms, on the work of digestive and other secretions.

What is the specific meaning of such resupply, as far as we talk about a harmonious relationship? Is it not for nothing, is it? What does the Earth’s biosphere give back per such a recharge by? … – The most logical answer is the radiation of the aura of the fauna and, first of all, of mankind (!). This aura grows in the flow of vital energy, undergoing a colossal increase, thanks to iron. Thus, it should significantly dominate in biosphere, influencing its strength and stability, and expanse of its significance, apparently, is not limited to this…

It comes that the law of conservation is actually violated for vital energy – its super-weak quote is enough for it to become extremely strong in organisms, thanks to the magnetic properties of iron contained in the blood. This violation is aggravated by the effect of resonance of biofields.

The well-known principle of increasing entropy, a physical measure of disorder, is also violated here. According to this principle, the free state of material bodies and substances tends to disrupt the systemic integrity, to degradation, aging, destruction. But only life as such and its activity contradict it. And in the physical aspect, this principle does not apply to magnetic interaction (and gravitational one). An example of this is the experiment with iron filings in a magnetic field – the filings being arranged in certain order. And so, the phenomenon of magnetic forces is an elementary physical beginning of any complex ordering process opposed natural destruction.

Such a clear deviation from well-known physical principles is actually nonsense for modern popular-scientific concepts and even for scientific ones. It is noteworthy that such violations are associated only with the biological sphere and with life as such.

In the large sense, the law of conservation of energy is not violated here. The strengthening of vital energy in organisms is promoted by a complex of internal and external physical and chemical processes. Namely, the influence of vital energy on the fauna is combined with the gifts of nature and with the energy of the sun. The sun produces a kind of «photosynthesis» aimed at enhancing vital energy in terrestrial conditions. This, as already noted, is similar to the action mode of a radio-signal amplifier powered by a constant voltage. And the life of every people in this regard is invaluable.

… Along the way, it comes that the most important function of iron, associated with its magnetic properties in living organisms, is to enhance the reception of super-weak «heavenly» signals. People, reaching such a reception, are filled with pacification, cheerfulness, joy, love, and increased intuition. All this is called grace, promotes accumulation of vital energy, affects self-healing processes, promises health, and, of course, gives a positive effect on the environment. We literally breathe such grace as air. On the scale of humanity, this is intended, at least, to strengthen the Earth’s biosphere, its aura. And this, apparently, is not limited by earthly scales…

20. “…In the image and likeness…”

According to the fact that perfect harmony with its integral manifestation in the universe is not limited to an observable scale, the flow of vital energy should be considered part of a circulation that goes beyond the boundaries of the Earth’s biosphere, and the energy of mankind is assigned a certain role on a higher scale.

It comes that the system of human biorhythms, the unique biophysics of animal life forms, the entire system of terrestrial life and even the solar-planetary structure are a kind of cosmic norm. So, according to the Bible, the Most High – He is Allah or Elohim, He is Jehovah or Yahweh – reigning over the entire universe, began to create our world since making of the sun, as well as the moon and stars – it means, of Venus, Mars, as well as other planets of the solar system (the Bible does not say – “…all the stars”). And He finished the creation with the making of man.

In designing and building of a working device, an experienced engineer provides for the presence of a cable or battery with the ability to recharge the device. According to this principle, God created human – with the possibility of mutual energy-informational communication. But first of all, He created for this the conditions of life on Earth. Further, with a methodological consistency – on a “simple-to-complex” – He created all living things, making sure before each subsequent stage that «all this is good.» Such is the evolution of His creations, which was falsely perceived by materialists as natural development. – And finally, before the creation of man – for the sake of such a responsible step – monkey became his working model. In other words, man as God’s creation had really originated thru monkey, like TV set is did thru radio-receiver.

It should be understood that the creation of human, completed in six days, most likely refers only to the solar system as the environment of the Earth, because these days, according to the Bible, were counted only by the turns of the Earth – by alternation of light (day) and darkness (night).

So, according to the Bible, God completed the creation of the world with the making of human – in His own image and likeness. A similar look is also attributed to His angels.

If to guide by the spirit of the Bible, then the structure of the “otherworldly” existence also has an earthly analogy – to some extent. For example, in the social structure of countries, there are government workers and other public servants. There are also private entrepreneurs, legal and illegal ones, who may turn out to be – and the majority may be really occurred under the domain of criminal gangs united in mafia structures. – Who is who?..

Humanity’s earthly problems – mental and “physical” ones – are obvious. And the entire script of the Bible tells that God began to solve these problems even from the moment Adam sinned. For this, He chose one of the peoples – the Jews – and kept him in purity, so that in such an environment Christ, the Saviour of mankind, would be born. It just so happens that the entire Old Testament Bible turned out to be a preface to the New Testament.

If you imagine, as in a fairy tale, the inhuman possibilities of someone to do many different things at the same time, then it still turns out to be unacceptable to simultaneously prepare dinner and clean a stabling … – As the Bible means, in His affairs, God did not consider it expedient to contact at the same time with the spoiled energy of people. For this, He provided for Himself a helper in human flesh – an ideal direct connection with human being.

21. Paying for spiritual powers

Above, we found out that sensations are recorded in the blood. The more strong sensations give the more high recording volume and, of course, its rhythm.

In the unique book “The Physics of Faith” by the Tikhoplavs, a somewhat similar topic is described. This is the result of a biophysical experiment of Russian scientists on a chicken egg cell – an observation superweak biorhythms in the cell nucleus. An optical laser was chosen as the instrument. Its beam was sent through the cell nucleus,  and its behavior was observed.

The result was amazing – a kind of “dance” was observed in the image of the beam. Obviously, this is a manifestation of the egg-cell delta rhythm.

They raised the temperature – the rhythm of the egg cell became more frequent. As the temperature had been raised well above 45°C, the rhythm increased tremendously, depicting agony.

One of the unique features of the experimental result was that the picture had not change after the temperature decreasing. – After the endured torment, the cell had died, but its convulsive rhythm remained…

Records in the biofields of organisms actually reflect the complex of experienced sensations and their strength. If there are spiritual beings tuned in to receive the rhythms of euphoria, sarcasm, anger, jealousy, emotions of base lust and other high-energy passion, then in fact this would be their “resupply” – their “menu”. But let us ask a rhetorical question: how such entities, being also sensitive to the rhythms of agony – like to the fleshly sensations of tremendous power – would have been able to perceive those rhythms exceeding all permissible decibels?..

In spirit of the Bible…

… Martyrdom is considered to be the power of the saints (their souls), which alienates the dark forces – from them and from those who are “near” in a spiritual “radio contact”. Moreover, the holiness of the martyrs brings them closer to God. As a result, these are the warlike servants of the Most High – the helpers of Jesus Christ. Such were almost all of his apostles, who were martyred, and, beyond all examples, Jesus himself. Imagine mentally how the frequency of aggression and other passions has been bought out in the radio air, and a super-powerful noise radio station has operating at these radio frequencies, capable to overload destructively any “receivers” tuned to these frequencies, no matter how many of them are.

On the New Testament, the Most High provided for the birth of Jesus without men’s intervention. – It meant the birth of Jesus as His own, God’s Son, – without an men’s “ego” marked with this world and which is a target for temptations. Of course, this is a highly unusual, exceptional case worthy of doubt. But whoever doubts this, let him ask himself the question – what power creates babies in the womb of mothers.

Combination of such divine exclusivity with the brutal martyr’s death fundamentally distinguishes Jesus from all prophets, apostles, holy martyrs, and even angels, to say nothing on simple mortals with their worldly heritage.

The New Testament preaches that the very important consequence of all this is possibility of any sinners, no matter how unclean they may be, to turn through Jesus to God. For only Jesus and no other, being invulnerable to sin and able to shield the Holy Heavens from its effects, became worthy to have authority from the Most High for such the ubiquitous contact. This is outpouring of the Spirit of grace and constant readiness to heal and help to be freed from sin, not judging, but suppressing the power of the dark forces. The boundaries of the Heavenly and worldly kingdoms converged actually on Him. As Jesus said, He came to sinners, being the only one way to the Kingdom of God and eternity.

As a result, the Most High had solved the problem – how to disarm the dark forces without touching the humans’ perverted medium. For this, His particle had took on a human form – with human blood, which will soon absorb the agony of the martyr and become a semblance of a smashing sword and armor with sharp thorns. – It’s like a clean hand, immersed in a dirty environment not just in a glove, but in a perfectly impermeable glove with bactericidal properties.

Thus, on the New Testament, Jesus became the authorized viceroy of the Father, single-handedly accepting from Him divine mandate over the material and spiritual world, including the power over the dark forces. Even during His earthly life, Jesus was distinguished by such a high spirit that He was the conductor of a strongest biofield – display of the Spirit of the Most High – capable of quickly restoring damaged human tissue, healing and even reviving people. 

As said in the Bible, long before that, the God’s power turned Moses’ staff into a living snake. If this is so, then Jesus had been truly resurrected by God in spirit and in body. And those who worship Jesus and followed His commandments will also be given eternal life.

Now Jesus delegates such power to his faithful servants and helpers in the tasks of healing people who have believed in Him. And there are many confirmations of this.

22. On the other side…

There is no reason to doubt that our actions are governed by our emotions, sympathy, inclinations, love. But we often find it difficult to cope with negative addictions. Reason and will comes to the aid. Our mind coordinates the actions and directions of life, decides “what is good and what is bad,” and through the will – its power embodiment – can really influence our priorities. We know that the adoption of important decisions and the manifestation of will are accompanied by our biochemical and biophysical processes with the creation of “images of action”, “potentials of intentions” … This is how our intentions manifest themselves in our material life. And what happens beyond its line?

Separated from the body at the moment of cardiac arrest, souls inherit consciousness in its last state (with memory), the ability to understand and sensually percept. Perception is manifested by them more clearly than in the case of being in an inhibited transitory body. Evidence of all this is described in numerous treatises, for example – the psychiatrist Raymond Moody “Life After Death”. Some of these treatises are mentioned in the analytical review of Seraphim Hieromonach “The Soul After Death”. We will touch on some aspects of this only in simple terms.

When, in our material life, appeal to the forces of reason and will requires efforts, even great ones, then on another imaginary side of life there can be at least big problems with this due to the absence of accompanying biophysical processes, of their energetic, especially if, at material life, the will-power was not brought up properly.

Souls inherit their emotional memory from material life – in its last, completed state: sympathy, affection, addictions, and love. As for ability to reason, judge “good and evil”, the Most High is in His right to delegate it only to the closest His heavenly servants. 

It is not without logic to believe that manifestation the emotional energy is also inherited in the afterlife. – “…Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke 12:34)” – is not this also applicable here? …

In other words, diverse spiritual entities, were remained for some time in their habitual environment, gravitate towards what gives them resupply, be it a society of close people, housing, objects of comfort, gambling, intimate relationships … Any perfect soul with its ideal biorhythms – the rhythms of full stability (as in material life) – least of all needs resupply, being in the common field with God’s spirit. Jesus called such ones “poor in spirit”. Significant resupply is required for “disordering” rhythms – the rhythms of carnal desires, excitement, and aggression – that enslaves just like in material life. Such souls actually become paupers – there is, as if the positions mutually change… – So, such is a simplified view on afterlife…

The New Testament preaches that many addictions should be eliminated in advance, since it may be in vain to rely on one’s own willpower outside the line of this life, and even more – on his experience of knowledge. In particular, it is not enough just to believe in the existence of God – “demons also believe and tremble”. An acquisition of any knowledge about God and the divine origin of life (even like here) can be, at best, only an impetus to the strengthening of faith. But «…faith without works is dead» (James 2: 20,26). 

The task remains of enforcement spiritual positions and finding God. This is turning to Jesus for support in resisting carnal temptations, in overcoming cowardice and the impulses of pride, in fostering patience and moderation. Along the way, this is turning to Him for deliverance from diseases and ailments, despondency, anxiety and fear.

In addition, it is important to nurture in oneself forgiveness and love for one’s neighbour. First of all, these are near and dear ones, friends, colleagues and just acquaintances … and even strangers, especially those who need mercy, support and help. It is even commanded to love enemies or at least to understand them and even forgive; at least – not to take revenge, but to seek peace. “Love your enemies…” (Matth. 5:44). “Blessed [are] the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matth. 5:9). All this is what is needed to enhance one’s own spirit and striving for harmony with the environment, if such striving does not contradict the correct positions and actions.

But the most important thing is to bring up reverence and love to Jesus (and to the Most High), trusting in His patronage. – It is meant love for Jesus, as for the Faith Healer, Protector, Saviour and Mentor. It is a love that surpasses all attachments, worldly priorities and sympathies. It is a love that is ready to unconditionally follow Him when He will call, and to pull out from a negatively exciting environment in order to avoid disastrous consequences. There is no other way out … Nourish and strengthen your soul with love, attachment and communication with Jesus in prayers of repentance, hope, worship, glorification, and simply with communication!

23. What else does the New Testament preach?

From the news of the week: “Thanks to the professional work of the security agencies of N city, financial traffic was restored to its bank. The main merit in this belongs to Colonel Gottlieb, who has colossal experience in operational work and is a threat to all criminal gangs in the city”.

Of course, this plot is fictional. It is presented here only as an allegory to the fact that, according to the New Testament, we all receive the vital resupply from the Spirit of Grace thanks to the divine mandate of Jesus. This marks our era. This gives everyone the opportunity to communicate with the Most High through Jesus, to better realize our biophysical destiny – being in a state of peace, joy, vigor, benevolence and support of those in need, – in love, permissible harmony with the environment – and with love, reverence and gratitude to God, with a systematic connection with Him, what is possible expressed in simple words – glorification of Jesus, the Most High and His works. This is a real, “material” blessing for God. Because sincere and pure gratitude to God, delight and glorification – this is payment to Him “in cash” – and deeds for His glory – is payment “in kind”.

So, for each other’s sake, show signs of love and kindness right from the early morning!

And for the Most High’s sake – humble yourself before His name! Humility is not an idle whim, but a physical condition for entering into unison, into accordance, into dialogue with His Spirit in moments of communication and prayer requests. This is entry without any tension, hidden anger, discontent, resentment, distrust, anxiety, fear and other negative and strong emotions – what, according to our everyday analogy, would be perceived as an annoying cry. For the Most High communicates with us very calmly – with thoughts, images, very quiet speech. Contact with Him promises us recovery, important thoughts, support in deeds and actions. And in response we must strive for the same, shielding ourselves from the environment, as it were, in a “secret room”. However, in communication with us, Jesus, having a purely human experience and «immunity» (!), is able to hear us even in other tones and to respond with deeds, whether we are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. This is the triumphant result of His life and death on the cross. But in order to receive deliverance, edifications and even effective healing, – and, in general, possibility of salvation, – our task is to be «in resonance», consonance with Him, to educate in ourselves love for Him. – “Blessed [are] the pure in heart: for they shall see God” (Matt. 5:8); “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me” (John 14:6).

In conditions when collectives strive for the accordance of rhythms, the mutual effect of the resonance of the fields will work up by an increase in the energy of the collective aura. It would seem that this happens by itself, and full stop. But this is pleasing to God, be it in good intentions and the ideal rhythms, since a particle of Jesus lives in everyone. For He said on this occasion: “…For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst” (Matt. 18:20). With such a mood, the rhythms being improved and strengthened up to mental perception, the channel of communication with Him opens, and He pours out the Spirit on such companionship.

Thanks to the significant difference from animals in the ability of people to communicate with each other and with God, the effect of mutual accordance of human souls, open to God, would globally be of great importance. The sacrifice of Jesus was precisely aimed at this, and thus, in fact, occurred to be a direct analogy to the usual sacrifice. For it is no coincidence that He preached two main commandments: start to love God and your neighbour (which is the one with whom your aura regularly comes into contact). – Moreover, and all the Commandments are also aimed at this. The created accordance of souls would form a high-power response flow of vital energy, the energy of glorification of the Most High – the crown of the solution of His strategic task since the biblical beginnings. For life energy is His golden pool, is the energy of life, is the quality and quantity of life

In this way, the search for the true source of life and survival took us to infinity. – God’s Spirit, Jesus and the Most High Himself are the last, the highest authority in a series of causes and mechanisms of physical and spiritual restoration of human, in the process of healing from diseases, in the survival of species, in the phenomenon of the Flood. And so it had been even in decorating the May holidays (isn’t that an important task?). Even in the conditions of a person’s concentration of the will to free themselves from ailments, not to mention the unconditional action of the recovery mechanisms, God’s Spirit, the Spirit of health and grace, constantly and everywhere participates in the healing process, if you systematically promote this, even without looking back at age. And this is the free participation, for the Most High and directly Jesus strive to assist everyone in the task of achieving harmony in body and spirit.

If you have a certain, even special and even still unperceived mission to serve God (taking into account your individual capabilities, talent), then you can feel His real patronage in your health, miracles of healing, and His deeds. That was the fate of King David and the apostles of Jesus. If you have excellent health and good luck in life – do not be mistaken about the fact – whether you yourself have achieved this! – God expects the realization of your special capabilities in serving Him. Find them and do not disappoint Him! This could be your gift of communicating with people – with the ability to preach word of God. However, on such your way, you have to tighten up spiritual «rearwards» and become no longer a link of harmony of this world, but an active instrument in the hands of the Lord – a link of harmony in His tasks. In any case, it would not hurt you to become such a «stone» as the Apostle Peter.

The New Testament preaches that our tasks are not limited to the life outcome of good worldly deeds. Our good deeds are just a «bank check» that could be realized only in Heaven. – God will judge by deeds, but the result of the state of mind – the harmony of rhythms – is also important, and not so much their strength as their perfection. In the shadows of the Most High and Christ, the harmony of souls reigns. We called this the resonance of the fields, hawing reached the understanding that someone’s disturbed rhythm threatens to invade and disrupt this delicate coherence.

… In other words, all of us in due time must appear before God in purity in order to enter into His presence, to receive eternity. For this, one should, first of all, call upon the name of Jesus, proclaim Him as your personal Healer, Liberator, Savior, Protector, Mentor and not turn away from Him; completely repent of sins before Him, for Jesus forgives any sincerely confessed sin. By this, only holy hermits are sinless, what is an unimaginable rarity or even just an idealization. Further – this is a volitional striving not to sin in the future and not to lose communion with Jesus, asking Him for forgiveness for a sin willy-nilly had been done again. And even if you are weak … – God is merciful. But grave sins – by God! – it is better not to allow in the future at all – even from the very moment of faith in His power and forgiveness…

Studying the New Testament (and all the Bible), regularly church attendance and communicating with believers will help you more deeply to learn important truths and – there is no doubt about this – significantly strengthen your spiritual position. In particular, joint prayers – with spiritual consonance – can have a «resonant» effect. And your sincere individual communication with Jesus will reveal to you His deeds in your personal life, for the Most High is unimaginably great, and His power is not limited to human life. In gratitude for this, you could share your impressions on His deeds, preach among unbelievers, pray for their health and salvation, and look for your own high calling – and in any case, glorify and express gratitude to Jesus and the Most High; and in this case God will be with you. The New Testament states that under such conditions, Jesus will put you on «white robes» and give you a new name, when you, keeping the truths and not losing love, dropped out of material life. Thereby Jesus will completely hide your personal past which, one way or another, will be tainted with a worldly aura… This marks His forgiveness.

For those who have chosen an irresponsible life, it is not too late to turn to God – to Jesus – completely turning away from sin. Otherwise, it is a path of suffering that will not be easy to outride. There is a definite analogy between a sinner and a mental patient. For such a patient to recover, he must completely forget all the details of the situation in which he received a mental trauma. The remedies for his healing, apart from any medicament, are long-lasting and strong impressions. In particular, this is a change of situation, intensive work, everyday worries, and acute situations. Thus, the traumatic situation and even adjacent fragments of life will be gradually erased from memory.

On similar principle, the memory of sins and vices can lose “the volume and clarity of the recording” – and not only in consciousness, but also on a subconscious level. However, what seems had to disappear from memory can remain in the subconscious for a long time and be cleared during a long time – or through strong commotions as if to pick out tattoos without anesthesia. As an finite result, on the carnal memory of worldly life, there could be set, like a lock, the seal of last sufferings.

Those who remain with disbelief in Jesus and His mission – and continue to sin – should know that times of sorrow will come – this is what God has provided for our testing and cleansing from sinfulness. For in this way the negative underwood of our “ego” – pride, aggression and lust can be suppressed. This will concern the vast majority of people – and even some believers. Many people will can not endure up this and get angry. …

– Get beforehand rid of any offences, manifestations of aggression, unrestraint in advance. First of all, get rid of swear words, obscene ones – they will let you down at the most critical moments. That obscenity is a clear sign of imbalance, lack of control in actions, a sign of lack of patience, of meekness. Besides the fact that in such a state the basic rhythms get down, there is no point in talking about the rhythms of the more or less reasonable thinking. For when one sways the tree trunk, the top is “stormy” and even more so.

The strength of your patience and balance in desires and actions (and words), and most importantly – hope, trust and love for Jesus in striving for communion with Him – all that is, at the last, a counterbalance to your condemnation. The next steps are yours. Do not lose this connection and patiently confronting sins and vices, do not accumulate above the “pain limit” a measure of punishment intended for your complete cleansing and salvation!

God provided this as an extreme measure for aloof souls. Thus, Jesus tests a person with “consuming fire” and expects his complete cleansing, restoration of relations with Him. And what we call the wrath of God is diametrically different from the worldly manifestations of anger, filled with negative energy and dictated only by bodily addictions and pride. While those times have not yet been come, in the era of grace, it is not God, but we ourselves who punish ourselves by not listening or hearing His warnings and commands.

… The driving force of a mechanical watch is the cocked spring. The driving force of the Most High is His immeasurable love for all His creatures; love inherited by Jesus, not judging, but promising grace, prompting for activity, creativity. We are able to understand that the power of love is unambiguously reflected in the perfection of creations, for He gave a particle of such love to us – to His likeness. Therefore, He does not deserve any complaining – and is worthy of trust, worship, gratitude, love and glory.

We are unable to understand many truly supernatural and incomprehensible phenomena, events and facts reflected in individual examples from life, from testimonies and scriptures. But one should hope that there are enough arguments about the deific essence of all living things, human, about God’s strategy and our response tasks – and that the sacrifice of Jesus, His sole plenipotentiary Mediator between us and Him, was no doubt and not in vain.

“Blessed is he who believes”… who discovered God not by scientific arguments, but simply by surmises, faith, instinct, by experience of the relations. If physical arguments with everyday ones significantly helped you in this – let you leave these behind, in the deep shadow, because “to believe” is not just to know, but also to search for God and follow faithfully His Commandments. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart [with love], and with all thy soul [motivations], and with all thy mind [experience of faith]”.

Communicate with Jesus, – He loves and hears you, especially if this is not hindered by excessive “noise” of your thoughts and emotions. If you turned to Him and confess your sins before Him, He forgave you and stretches out his hand to you, for in His presence your sin ceased to be a loophole for dark forces. But the question remains: will you really be able to maintain a handshake with Him, especially at the last moment, – to follow Him, completely taming your own pride and negative emotions and freeing your own consciousness from diverse worldly worries, priorities, debts and responsibilities, from adversities and addictions? For whoever will call upon Him and not back down in his belief, he will at the last be saved.

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